2nd American Revolution


November 14th, 2014 - March 4th, 2016




Syrian - Turkish border clashes ,North Korea invades

  • Corporatization of US Government
  • Amendment of Constitution by Corporate-backed politicians
  • Change in police policy that encourages extensive use of force
  • WTO conference with the intentions of loosening already lax corporate and industry regulations 
  • America is divided into 12 separate regions with one ruling city in which delegates/citizens from each region come to discuss matters of state, making it one of the only successful 'true' democracies.


  • United Corporate Party (UCP) 

       - Gap

         - Apple

         - Microsoft

         - Wal Mart

         - Autozone

         - Chrysler

         - Nokia

       - Samsung

         - Ford

       - GM

         - BP


  • United Revolutionary People's Party of America (ERPPA)

         - North American Anarchist's Society

         - People's Representative Party of Texas

         - People's Representative Party of California

         - American Anti-Corporation Group


CEO United (CEO's of the corporations that make up the UCP)

Chance Alexander Thompson (Overall head of ERPPA)

50 million 35 million
Casualties and losses
42 million

12 million


The 2nd American Revolution is a conflict that gained motion largely due to the increasing unavailability of gas prices and thus the increase of 

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