The All-Africa Party. Edit

The All-Africa movement, a black-supremacist ideology, swept through Africa like a plague in the year 2013. The most ardent supporters of the movement were a group of Nigerian and South African Blacks who formed the All Africa Party.

The Birth Of The Movement. Edit

The All-Africa movement was mostly inspired by the writings of Good-Luck Malaka, a Nigerian Philosopher who posited that, as the African Continent was the cradle of mankind, then surely it must be Black Africans who were the purest race of humanity. Malaka's writings were widely read by students, and all over Africa, the Malaka Movement spawned political groups, eventually, earning it the name "The All-Africa Movement". The South African school of the All-Africa Movement held that, as they were descended from the Zulu, the greatest warriors of all the many African tribes and, who, the All-Africa Party believed were descended from the Kalahari bushmen (the movement's pinnacle of purest humanity) that Black South Africans were the purest form of humanity.

The African Supremacist Is Born. Edit

The All-Africa Party of South Africa (the most powerful of the movements) became infamous for it's brutal genocide of whites and asians in Africa. The genocide caused one of the largest mass-exoduses of people in modern times. The All-Africa Party believed that all non-blacks were mutants, and should be exterminated accordingly. After the All-Africa party had succesfully killed or driven away all non-blacks in South Africa, they set about turning South Africa into the richest, most powerful nation in Africa once more (European observers couldn't help but see the irony). It was not until the All-Africa Party funded a coup in Sierra Leone, the once war-torn center of the African diamond trade, that at the time of the coup was an up-and-coming developing democracy, that the White South Africans who had been forced from their homeland got a chance for revenge. Sierra Leone was a close trading partner of Britain, and, after the coup in 2018, Britain wasted no time in declaring war, and attempting to restore order. Among the troops first deployed to Sierra Leone were the men of the British Foreign Legion, which contained a large number of White South Africans who had fled the genocide. The ensuing battles between British Foreign Legion Troops and All-Africa supporters degenerated into little more than a race-war, consisting of massacre followed by counter-massacre, the war continued until 2025, leaving Sierra Leone a war-torn hellscape once more, and thousands on both sides of the war dead.

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