In the future, it is likely that if aliens invaded we would lose.

The only way we could win would be if they were only as technologically advaced as we are, and if they used the same tactics as in science fiction. Here are a few of my thoughts of how an Alien invasion might play out.

Before 2025

  • Aliens use the internet to learn everything about humans before planning their attack.
  • An EMP bomb is detonated over every continent disrupting all human orgasms 'Comunication lines and powerplants.
  • Undetectable lasers take out all military. Nuclear bombs would only destroy Earth's valuable resources.
  • Aliens use robots to enslave all humans. In science fiction, this almost never happens.

Star Trek, Stargate SG1, Halo.

After 2025

  • Satellites can detect any spaceship in the solar system.
  • Because of ground lasers alien ships can't get close to Earth.
  • Only half of electronics are affected by EMP bombs.
  • Human robots protect them from alien soldiers or alien robots.
  • Fuel cells, backup generators, and Renewable Energy sources keep society running.
  • The combination between the City Awareness Grid Electronic C.A.G.E and robots make it impossible for aliens to occupy a city like New York.

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