Most alien sightings occur in New Mexico but no one believes them. On March 18, 2019 humanity the price.

The wormhole Edit

On January 28 a wormhole appears just above mars and sucks a probe in. The probe manages to get footage of 3 alien ships heading towards the wormhole at a slow speed. The Chinese prepare to send a shuttle up.

The invasion Edit

The Chinese shuttle is sent up to the wormhole but is torn in half when they alien ships come out of the wormhole. Geneva declares a code red and emergency channels across the world are activated. The 3 alien ships then descend into earth and destroy a plane en route from Johannesburg to Mumbai to prove their power. In Washington D.C. Donald Trump is evacuated to the nuclear proof bunker under the White House. The first alien ship flys over London and fires lasers at buildings causing massive devastation. The second ship goes to New York and begins doing ground assaults on military bases while doing target practice on high rises. The third ship begins to bombard Moscow and devastate it.

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