The timeline of events leading up to and during an alien invasion, which takes place in 2017.

(don't be scared. This is fake. how can we know when will aliens come to Earth? (if they exist))


April, 2017

  • April 16: An apparent "meteor" traveling at an unusually low altitude flies over Nice, France, before apparently crashing into the Mediterranean Sea. Numerous videos and photos of the incident are uploaded on various social media sites.
  • April 19: A Marietta, GA, couple and their eleven-year-old son are reported missing by worried family members after the three fail to appear at a wedding in New York City and do not respond to various texts and calls. No signs of foul play are found in the family's hotel room. Fellow hotel patrons report hearing or seeing nothing unusual.
  • April 20: A United Airlines 747 en route from Los Angeles to Sydney comes dangerously close to a mid-air collision with an unidentified aircraft somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.
  • April 26:
    • 9:39 AM EDT: The son of the missing Georgia couple is found naked and traumatized in Times Square, and is rushed to the nearest hospital. While being treated for shock, dehydration, and starvation, he is unable to answer repeated questions about his parents' whereabouts.
    • 11:58 PM MDT: 911 dispatchers in Phoenix, AZ, are flooded with emergency calls reporting a "strange creature" prowling in a residential neighborhood. One woman claims that the alleged creature broke into her home, ransacked her living room, and brutally killed her dog.
  • April 27: Thousands of people in Hong Kong gather on rooftops, balconies, and the streets to observe strange lights fly erratically over the city. Similar sightings are reported in the cities of Guanzhou, Nanning, Shantou, Macau, and Meizhou.
  • April 28:
    • Chinese officials cite "abnormal atmospheric disturbances" as the cause of the mass UFO sighting over southern China.
    • Panicked residents of a small, remote village in northwestern India claim that several "demons" attacked their village and kidnapped three young children and a pregnant woman on the night of April 26.
  • april 29: a boat goes missing in the Mediterranean Sea,Greek officials begin searching
  • May 2: Chinese soldiers begin hunting strange creatures in the Chinese countryside; 12 dead,7 in deep trauma
  • may 3: 7 german citizens found to have radiation poisoning after being blasted by a light from a strange ship in the sky
    • messages are sent to every device on earth claiming the human race will be destroyed in a matter of days,mass panic ensues
  • may 5:several explosions are seen in New York followed by four towers collapsing,2478 people dead
    • 4:32 AM Syria: rebel forces engage large grouped of strange creatures armed with laser weapons
    • 6:49 AM Syria: all alien forces destroyed and the body's are took to the USA and Russia to be examined
  • may 10
    • 3:21 PM South Europe: thousands of alien ships and soldiers pour out of the Mediterranean Sea:Greece and Turkey fall
    • 4:30 PM worldwide : thousands of ships come out of the atmosphere and engage American and Russian aircraft
    • 6:56 PM Indonesia:South-East Asia falls
  • may 11: Slovakia and Slovenia fall
  • may 13:
    • 6:46 AM UK: death of David Cameron
    • 7:04 PM UK: fall of Britain
    • 11:38 PM USA: fall of New York
  • may 12: fall of China,Japan and India
    • 5:42 PM Russia: Russia being invaded, launches a last ditch attempt to defeat the aliens
    • 6:26 PM Russia: all Russian military assets put into action and all nuclear weapons launched at the alien fleet,greatly damages alien forces but does not stop them
  • May 13: fall of Moscow
    • 11:06 PM American East Coast: after an alien ship is captured it is revealed what the aliens want to do with the humans; to use human parts to make more aliens
  • may 14: fall of Russia
  • may 15: fall of Europe, making Africa, Oceania and the west coast of America the last bastions
  • 9:08 AM South Africa: fall of Africa
    • 1:07 PM Australia: fall of Australia and New Zealand
  • May 16: USA: fall of the west coast
    • 2:49 AM global: alien high command declares fighting over moments before all of the alien fleet is wiped out by the American nuclear arsenal
  • may 18: fighting is over and the long rebuilding process begins

Alien Sintetic Invasion in 2017/50, see on [[1]]