It's the year 2200. The world is divided between 14 Confederacies and their space collonies:

  1.  British-American Federation of Monarchies (BAFM)
  2.  Germanic Federal Monarchies
  3.  Christian Roman Empire
  4.  Slavic Union
  5.  Mediteraneean Alliance
  6.  African Union
  7.  East Asian Empire
  8.  Hindu People's United States
  9.  Persian-Turan Republican Union
  10.  Korea-Japanese Confederacy
  11.  Oceania
  12.  Italian-American States
  13.  Hispaniol Empire
  14.  Portuguese Empire

Police & Law Enforcements

Federal Police Departments are founded in 2298 in each nations. The Federal Police Departments are issued to have weapons and firearms, such as M2011 (pistol) and Juneau (shotgun).

Central Police Agency is similar to the USA's Central Intelligence Agency, only founded in Hindu People's United States & African Union.

Largest Cities & Populations

There are all 14 largest cities from each nation.

  • New York City (Hindu People's United States) (Population: 10,758,000)
  • Alice Springs (Oceania) (Population: 5,800,000)
  • Spainkok (Italian-American States) (Population: 7,240,000)
  • Alice Memphis (African Union) (Population: 12,340,000)
  • Dallas (Slavic Union) (Population: 14,550,000)