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US Political History

  • George W. Bush is remembered as the unlucky president who had to deal with the Senate and House with the opposing political party (Democratic) as the majority parties in his last two years as president.
  • Ronald Reagan is remembered as a very popular president, and also is remembered as "without him, there would be a huge crisis."
  • Barack Obama is considered one of the worst presidents in American history, remembered only for the infamous "ObamaCare".
  • James K. Polk is remembered as the infamous president who acted like a monarch and marched into Mexico to annex Texas.
  • WikiNews Poll of Top 10 US Presidents
# President Order
1 Abraham Lincoln 16
2 Ronald Reagan 40
3 Franklin D. Roosevelt 32
4 Thomas Jefferson 3
5 Theodore Roosevelt 26
6 Dwight D. Eisenhower 34
7 Paul Ryan 46
8 John F. Kennedy 35
9 James Madison 4
10 Jeb Bush 44
  • WikiNews Poll of Bottom 10 US Presidents
# President Order
39 James K. Polk 11
40 Ted Cruz 47
41 Lyndon B. Johnson 36
42 Andrew Johnson 17
43 Marco Rubio 48
44 Richard M. Nixon 37
45 Warren G. Harding 29
46 James Buchanan 15
47 Jimmy Carter 39
48 Barack Obama 44

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