There will be significant improvements in technology in the 2030s. Major strides and advancements will be made in biomedical research, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, space exploration and human augmentation.

Self driving cars are ubiquitously available to the average citizen thanks to lower prices caused by competition between other automobile industries. Such vehicles were only reserved for the wealthy in the previous decade since the average person couldn't afford them. 

Thanks to the Nanotechnological Revolution of the prior decade, self augmentation technologies have been intrinsically improved in price performance and obtainability. This has exponentially increased Global IQ (due to nanobots improving biological intelligence by enhancing the health of our brains and neurons) which in turn, increased the potential for a positive feedback in economic growth which occurred in the mid 2030s. 

90% of all human brain diseases and psychological illnesses have been cured thanks to the complete reverse engineering of the human brain that occurred in the prior decade. However, Pharmaceutical industries and medical insurance companies are limiting the dissemination of such research and are continually engaging in blackmailing and obstruction of scientific investigation (similar to what the tobacco industries did with research companies that discovered evidence of the dangers of tobacco smoke).

A $1000 computer is 1000 times more powerful than the human brain. In this decade, Artifical intelligences are mostly autonomous and more computationally powerful than human intelligence. A real robots rights movment has increased in popularity among liberals and progressives, while conservatives and religious leaders oppose such technological change as being "abominable". By the late 2030s, the entire internet has become conscious thanks to the reverse engineering of the human brain of the prior decade, the application of universal neural networks, and the increased information processing capabilities of the internet. The internet is able to exponentially create more information and enhance the resources and capital of the global community.

The universal application of biometrics is becoming a major facet in security technologies and financial transactions. These aspects are concerning plenty of civil rights advocates and religious people.

A manned mission to Mars has been successfully completed thanks to the first man to ever step on Mars.

Thanks to the improvement of technology, the average global GDP per capita in this decade will be $30K.

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