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World War Three, sometimes known as WW3 or WWIII was a worldwide war that was the first war for nuclear weapons to be used widespread. It started in November 18, 2019 with the North Korean invasion of South Korea and the nuking of Seoul and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Moscow on June 6, 2027. During this time, half of humanity perished, and those who lived to tell the tale were scarred with the horrid experiences of World War Three.

The Causes of WW3

After the end of the Syrian Civil War (2011-2017), Syria became a US puppet and Assad was imprisoned as a prisoner of war, much to Russia's dismay. Also, the Ukranian Civil War led to Ukraine's division into two parts: Novorossiya (Russian-backed) and Ukraine (US-backed). The border ended up as a "demilitarized" zone, but it was a tension point, like the Korean DMZ. Historians have dubbed the time period from the start of the Syrian Civil War to the start of WW3 "the Second Cold War" because of Russia and the USA backing proxy wars in all corners of the world.

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