On December 31, 2999, the world was excited... and worried! 1,000 years ago, the pesky Y2K Bug caused a lot of tension in the whole planet, and many computer programmers were warned not to mess up as they fixed the system. Pretty soon, it would be too late. The new X1J Bug had been caught in many ways----last year, ultramarket computers rejectedd all kinds of things, even though the items had shelf-lives of 1 year. The world forgot to put in the full year in Date and Time on their 'Mac OS 12's, and the programmers were desperate to change the world for millennia to come. 21:58:37 EST. The programmers had done their work. With the groundbreaking interfaces on computers then, and the ENORMOUS amount of energy used to create it, they had a fantastic plan. An electricity satellite had been launched the week before. They hooked up the world's main computer to the satellite base, 20 meters away. The electricity from the lined-up planets was sucked up into the satellite, which exported the electricity to the base, and to the main computers! Then they could change the format. At midnight, no-one worried. The next day, however, a huge power cut socked half the world. It turned out the satellite not only sucked the planets' electricity, it sucked up the Earth's power! The programmers stopped the main computer to change it back. Looks like it'll be safe for another thousand years.

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