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This Scenario begins when Earth faces wars of unification.Later,they would form an interstellar empire,the Terran Empire.


Events before World War 3 and World War 3


  • Australia begins talks of unification with New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.
  • Austria and Hungary begin talks of unification.
  • Tibet and Manchuria gain independence from China.
  • The 3 Tibets are formed in Tibet.
  • Sicily gains independence from Italy.


  • Australia unifies with New Zealand and Papua as Oceania.East Timor also joins Oceania.
  • The Turks unite with Syria and Iraq into the Ottoman Empire.
  • Serbia unite with Republica Srpska,Montenegro,Macedonia, and Slovenia into Yugoslavia.


  • Oceania attacks Indonesia sparking the Indonesian-Oceanian War.
  • Yugoslavia attacks Croatia and sparks the Yugoslav-Croatian War.
  • Austria and Hungary finally unite with each other into Austria-Hungary.
  • India annexes Bangaladesh and Nepal.
  • Croatia annexes Herzegovina and Croatian Bosnia.
  • Austria-Hungary forms an alliance with Bosnia should Croatia fall.
  • The Ottomans gain Jordan and the Hamas government of Gaza surrenders to Israel.
  • The Second American Civil War starts.


  • Yugoslavia annexes Croatia and invades Bosnia.Bosnia easily falls to the Yugoslavs.
  • The Oceanians make gains on the Indonesians.
  • Hawaii and the American Pacific become the Pacific Republic.
  • Congo and the DRC improve relations. A merger is expected by 2032.
  • Polynesia unites as the Republic of Polynesia.


  • Indonesia falls to Oceania but Borneo and Sumatra form the Borneo-Sumatran Union.
  • Java forms its own republic and allies with Borneo-Sumatra as the New Indonesian alliance which declares war on Oceania.
  • Congo and the DRC unite as Congo.
  • Denmark unites with Norway forming Denmark-Norway.
  • Prussia is formed from parts of Poland and Kalingrad.
  • Israel attacks the West Bank and gains East Jerusalem and surrounding areas.
  • Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Western Sahara, Mauritania, and Chad unite into the African Union.
  • Note to self:Put List of Nations in 2032 page here.


  • Java and Sumatra fall,Borneo remains at war.
  • Sudan and South Sudan unite into United Sudan.
  • All of Northern North Africa besides Egypt and United Sudan join the African Union.
  • South Africa gains Losotho,Swaziland, and Namibia.
  • Denmark lets Greenland free.
  • Sweden joins Denmark-Norway making it Scandinavia.
  • Kamchatka declares itself Russian no longer.


  • Egypt loses the Sinai to Israel.
  • Israel finally captures the West Bank.
  • Greenland joins with the Arctic Islands to form the Island Republic.
  • Malaysia and Oceania go to war.
  • Alaska becomes Communist and independent.
  • The Texas Republic is formed from many U.S. states.
  • Siberia throws off the Russian yoke.
  • Saudi Arabia joins the Ottomans of their own free will.
  • The Republic of Polynesia declares war on Oceania.
  • Note to self:Make List of Nations in 2040 here


  • Borneo falls to Oceania and Polynesia is gradually falling to Oceania.Malaysia gives the Malays to Oceania and annexes itself to Singapore which in turn annexes itself to Vietnam.
  • Western America becomes the United Federation of North America the Second American Civil War then ended.
  • The UAE,Oman, and Yemen are annexed to the Ottoman Empire.
  • Finland joins Scandinavia which then also annexes Karelia and Kola.


  • Iran and Afghanistan join together into Persia.
  • Polynesia falls to Oceania and the Pacific Republic joins of their own free will.
  • Iceland debates joining Scandinavia but is currently unsure.
  • India annexes Bhutan.
  • Vietnam joins with Cambodia and Laos into the Khmer Union.
  • Thailand and Myanmar join together into the Burmese Union.
  • Great Britain annexes Ireland.


  • Siam annexes the Burmese Union and makes the Siam Union.
  • Iceland does join Scandinavia.
  • Mexico annexes Guatemala,Belize,Honduras, and San Salvador forming the Mexican Empire.
  • Columbia joins with Venezuela and Ecuador to form Gran Columbia.
  • All of North Africa is now African Union territory besides United Sudan and Egypt.
  • Egypt annexes United Sudan to form the Egyptian Empire.
  • Ethiopia,Djibouti, and Eritea join together to form the Ethiopian Empire.
  • All of Central Africa besides Tanzania,Congo, and Central African Republic are annexed to the African Union. The Central African Republic and Zanzibar fall do to war.


  • The rest of Tanzania is annexed to the African Union and so is Southern Africa besides South Africa.
  • The Ethiopian forces fall to the Egyptian ones.Ethiopia is annexed to the Egyptian Empire.
  • The Siam Union annexes the Khmer Union.
  • Amazonia declares independence from Brazil.
  • Mongolia becomes an Imperial Republic.
  • Persia annexes Kyrgzistan.


  • Somalia falls to the Egyptian Empire.
  • The Rest of Africa that is not Congan,Egyptian, or South African is annexed to Africa.
  • Transcaucasia is formed.
  • Nicaragua and Panama north of the canal are annexed to Mexico.
  • Panama south of the canal becomes Gran Columbian.
  • The Caribbean is united under Cuba.
  • Catalonia and Sicily gain independence.
  • Insert List of Nations in 2060.

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