• Thanks to holographic computer memory using the same underlying method of storing information as the brain, computers have the capacity to store all written knowledge know as of 2007 AD.
  • An important specialisation in Computer Science is 'data organisation' the science of organising information so that it is accessible. One of the main challenges is 'Selectivity' the ability to remove 'noise' - information that is of low likelihood of being useful. 'Sensitivity' the ability to find relevant data at all is essentially a solved problem given massively parallel data access methods.

Encyclopedias Edit

  • Wikipedia - Only vastly more powerful than we can imagine today. Every 'page' has interactive diagrams. Software tracks your eye movements to see what you are interested in, and adjusts the content, and the difficulty of the presentation in real time.
  • Encyclopedia Britannica - A distant memory. Available as an archive, alongside other historical documents such as the declaration of independence.
  • Encyclopedia Galactica - A cross referenced knowledge repository with mostly content by extraterrestrials, and much machine readable content that only makes sense to cyborgs. A considerable part of the Encyclopedia consists of nanotechnology interfaces to 'step down' the information to human neural circuits (One of the problems is that aliens tend to have hive minds, which gives them much higher mental bandwidth. The downside is much lower diversity of thought).
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - which by 2030 has a significant following of people who regard it as 'the inspired word'.

Internet Edit

  • 1.0*10^16 bits. Total memory of all computers in 1993.
  • 1.0*10^18 bits. Total memory of all computers in 2003.
  • 1.0*10^20 bits. Total memory of all computers in 2013.
  • 1.0*10^22 bits. Total memory of all computers in 2023.

Google Abandons advertising in 2016 as interactive A.I.s are more atuned to peoples wants.


  • 2032: The brainchip is invented. Able to store all television shows up to the year 2020
  • 2037: Advnaced brainchip able to store All Human Knowledge up to the year 2025.
  • Linked to the internet in a fully emersive virtual reality inviornment.

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