This page describes a scenario. The developments outlined here are possible, but unlikely and depend on a number of random factors.

Countries in Blurrr's future.


U3 - The Union of the Earth

Republic of North America

RNA flag

The flag of the Republic of North America

  • Capital: Washington D.C.
  • Contains: Canada and The United States of America
  • Government: Democracy
  • Ruler: President, elected every four years, can serve up to two terms

European Union

EU flag

The flag of the European Union

  • Capital: Brussels
  • Contains: Most of the continent of Europe
  • Government: Democracy
  • Ruler: Prime Minister,

More to be added

This page requires update by its author to become more realistic. He will update it soon.

Alternative view--

North American Alliance

Countries include: Canada, the United States of America, Mexico are already members of this alliance as of 2009. Belize will be joining within another 5-10 years, as will Costa Rica. Others may follow.

Capital of the alliance. There will be two. Symbolic capital, currently the working capital, is Washington, D.C. Future working capital is likely to be in a more centralized location, such as Austin, Texas or Omaha, Nebraska.

Government: Socialist democracy.

Head of state: President

Currency: Amero.

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