This page describes a scenario. The developments outlined here are possible, but unlikely and depend on a number of random factors.

Blurrr's idea of the future.


  1. 2014 - Terrorists attempt to start a third World War, but are stopped before much damage is done; this will result in a number of unions between Eastern and European countries
  2. 2024 - First Non-Christian president is elected (Hate to spoil it for you but chances are that several previous presidents, although professing to be Christians were most likely not actual practicing Christians.)
  3. 2029 - Flying automobiles are available for commercial use and public transportation; Canada and the USA become the Republic of North America
  4. 2035 - Construction begins on the first lunar civilian community on the moon
  5. 2036 - Holographic displays become available
  6. 2037 - Permanent civilian community is founded on the moon
  7. 2056 - A superconducting material is discovered which can superconduct at any temperature below its melting point; Coil-guns and artificial gravity become available, and the speed of communication increases greatly due to more efficient wiring
  8. 2059 - Breakthroughs in AI research, as well as the discovery of the above mentioned superconductor lead to the creation of intelligent human-like robots
  9. 2062 - The worlds last crude oil is brought to the surface; devices powered by crude oil are no longer manufactured
  10. 2064 - All gasoline powered electricity generators and devices which run on gasoline or other forms of crude oil will cease to be used because oil reserves will run out
  11. 2068 - First manned mission to Mars launches and arrives in 2069
  12. 2070 - Personal spacecraft are first marketed

Far Future

  1. C. 2090-2100 - Languages are unified into a single language called Basic or Common (or a similar name)
  2. C. 2105 - Immortality is achieved, but complications with test subjects minds lead to the deaths of all test subjects
  3. C. 2120-2130 - 0% population growth is achieved

This page requires update by its author to become more realistic. He will update it soon.

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