In 2025. F1 has become a rather large sport, almost every multinational company in the world has sponsored it. And it now has 15 Billion viewers.


There were 15 teams in 2025. Including P&G Mercedes AMG. With the aging Lewis Hamilton in his final F1 Season and Michael Schumacher.Jr. Benetton Toyota Racing. With George Alexander Lewis. Son of Prince William racing alongside Oliver Hill, and the youngest driver at 12. The son of Damon Hill who suffers from Down's Syndrome. BT Renault F1. With Max Verstappen and Jordan King. Mahindra-Tata Force India. With 35 year old Marcus Ericsson and Carlos Sainz Jr. Then Scuderia Ferrari-Dodge. With American Alexander Rossi.


Race 1: The BT London GP.

Date: March 9.

Pole Position: Lewis Hamilton.

Winner: Lewis Hamilton.

Second Place: Oliver Hill.

Third Place: Michael Schumacher Jr.

First Trophy presented by: King Charles, monarch of the United Kingdom.

Second Trophy presented by: Alex Smith, president of BT.

Third Trophy presented by: TRH Robert Johnson. Mayor of London and son of former mayor Boris Johnson.

Podium Interviews by: Frank Turner. Lead Singer of Million Dead.

Race 2: The Benetton GP of Rome.

Date: March 30.

Pole Position: George Lewis.

Race Winner: Oliver Hill.

Second Place: George Lewis.

Third Place: Lewis Hamilton.

Press Documents

Prince George to participate in F1, at 12!!! William and Kate slightly concerned: Prince George, born on the 22 July 2013, has signed up for Benetton Toyota F1, the team, which is based in a Futuristic Skyscraper That also houses the UK Headquarters of Toyota. Has also signed up 36 Year Old Oliver Hill who has been in the sport since 2019. Other Drivers include Alex Smith. Who is 16. And other drivers. HRH Prince William, has this to say ''My son, in F1, I Remember the days when I sat in the car for the team he raced for when I was his age. And watching Mansell win.'' Kate Middleton said ''I'm scared my little boy will die or something, but I wish him good luck.''

Future King wins Championship: George Alexander Lewis. Has won the 2025 F1 World Championship on Sunday the 20th of July in the Berlin GP. He said it was an ''amazing birthday present'' and has won 3 of the 19 Races in the championship so far. Guess Consistency is Key!!!

BT Tower to light up for London GP.

This document is WIP.

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