Saudi-Iran War
Clockwise from top-left: Saudi-Arabian reinforcements arriving in Ghawar; U.S. soldiers assisting the Saudi-Arabian army outside of Buraidah; the contrail of an ICBM missile launched from Iran.

January 23, 2012 - May 20, 2012 ( 3 months, 19 days)

Location Iran and Saudi-Arabia

  • Killing of Prince Faisal.
  • Invasion of Saudi-Arabia by Iran.
  • Invasion of Iran by Allied forces.
  • Capture of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
  • Capture of Mohammad-Reza Rahimi.
  • Occupation of Iran.
  • Heydar Moslehi becomes the new President of Iran.


  • United States
  • Israel
  • India
  • Saudi-Arabia
  • Japan
  • North Korea
  • South Korea
  • Australia


  • Turkey
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Czech Republic

Islamic Republic of Iran Army

  • Ground Forces
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Air Defense Force

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

  • Ground Force
  • Navy
  • Aerospace Force
  • Quds Force
  • Basij


  • Syria
  • Bolivia
  • Venezuela
  • Hezbollah
  • Hamas

The Saudi-Iran War, also known as Operation Paynestrike, was a conflict between the nations of Saudi-Arabia and Iran that began on January 23, 2012. The war officially began after Iran attacked the Ghawar oil field in Saudi-Arabia, which resulted in a massive loss of petroleum. Another foundation of the war was the assassination of Saudi-Arabian Prince Faisal after the nation discovered that Iran was behind the assassination.

The Saudi-Iran War intertwined with the U.S.'s conflict with Iran after the latter's Navy forces attacked several American ships in the Persian Gulf. The wars intersected each other since both conflicts involved the same belligerents.

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