Sarah van Haven (2020-2128) was a scientist and winner of 3 science nobel prices. She had a younger brother Kenan van Haven (2041-2174) and an elder sister Ann van Haven (2009-2019) who died in an explosion in New York City. She went to London College of Science and Technology (2038-2042).

Science years

She went to Columbia University (2042-2050) after she left. She and 500 other people terraformed the Egyptian desert to an oasis thanks to the kind permission from the DemocraticRepublic of Egypt, Work in Progress.....


Sarah van Haven



21 August 2020 London, UK

25 May 2128, SC Venture

Nationality British
Husband John van Haven

Dave van Haven, Sherri van Haven

Residence New Paris, Republic of Luna
Alma Mater

Columbia University

Job Scientist,
Gender  Female
Religion Atheist

Sarah van Haven died in a fatal spacecruise accident on 25 May 2128 when an unknown space terrorist ship shot it down with 1 torpedo, She and 5000 other people died. The only spacecruiser that witnessed it was SC Galaxy. Then the Van Haven Day was born and it was celebrated every 25 May. Work in Progress....

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