Africa is saved by food replication technology and renamed Sahara as the Saraha Desert is brought back to life!


Probably the most controversial point in President Huntsman's Presidency was when he declared Africa a dead-zone and stopped any and all financial aid to the various war plauged countries. He could not in good conscious support one side that was using child soldiers and another side that supported Anti-American terrorists responsible for the Californian Displacement. Fortunately Huntsman didn't have to take all the blame as the European Union and China both agreed with him. In 2023 Huntsman declared the region as a Dead Zone and it was at the "point of no return". Later on in his memoirs he claimed that it was the "most disappointing moment" in his entire career. 


In 2030 the self declared King of Africa, King Abudallah II, announced plans for the reformation of the entire country. What the country didn't expect was what that reformation process was. It was revealed that Adudallah invested in a startup company right after President Huntsman's "racist announcement." This company was working on a nanobot 3D printing process that synthesized food. It took seven long years to perfect and Africa was selected to be the primary testing grounds.

The large vastness of the Sahara Desert and the fact that it did use to be a lush rainsforest back in ancient times gave only hope and awareness to the project. For the first time in history Africans banned together and threw down their hatred for each other. The very idea that this project might work gave rise to a whole new powerful kingdom under the command of King Abudallah II.

A New Hope

King Abudallah II, a huge Star Wars junkie declared that the success of the food replicators in Africa paved the way for powerful new advances in science and technology. He also declared that food replicators were to be released for the entire Global Community. It gave new hope for the people of Africa and elevated the country from 0 to one of the most powerful nations on the face of the Earth! 

Even though the process would take nearly 40 years to finish. 


By the year 2070 The Food Replicators were a major success. Not only did they create food on demand, in your living room, but larger food replicators were used to terraform the Sahara desert into the lush rainforest that it once was! For his forward thinking King Abudallah II received praises from the entire world and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2076. He was knighted by the GC government and declared a Saint by various religions, including his native Islam.

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