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2013 - Sarah Palin becomes US President, 12,000 more troops deployed to Afghanistahn

2014 - USA intervenes in Mexican drug war, 15,000 troops enter Mexico

2015 - China launches Tiangong 2 and 3 giving it 3 space stations in orbit. President Palin announces that the US will have its own space station in orbit by 2020.

2016 - USA occupies Afghanistahn, Hamid Karzai's weak governmnet is replaced by American military governors.

2017 -

2018 - The United States Space Station 1, USSS-1, is sent into orbit

2019 - Canada unites with the USA, and is absorbed into it.

2020 - Mexico is annexed by the USA


2022 - The EU forms into one country, USE, All mainland europe from Portugal to Poland forms into one vast Nation, there are now 5 main Superpowers in the world: Russia, China, Japan, USA, and USE.

2033 - Janine Bellinger becomes US president, Cultural revolution

2061 - Jacqui Tyler becomes President of Britain, she vows to make Britain a superpower

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