From the 2020's onwards cosmetic surgery: 1. Becomes more common and more accepted in society, 2. Becomes better and this makes aging a thing of the past, 3. Becomes fashionable and those who chose not to have surgery are looked down on and outcast from society. Also the average life expectancy increases (110 years for those born in 2030's). Thanks to this advanced cosmetic surgery and life expectancy age ranges are dramatically changed: child (1 - 15), young adult (16 - 45), adult (46 - 85), old adult (86+). For example in 2040 it is common for 10-year-olds to undergo cosmetic procedures.

In 2025 the first earpiece implants were carried out. These implants involved the removal of the entire inner ear area and its replacment with artifical replicas and the implanting of an earpiece into each ear. These earpieces are linked directly into the brain. These earpieces include the functions of music players, hearing aids, Bluetooth headsets and mobile phones. They feature voice recognition technology. In 2032, however, cyber-implants were taken to the next level, with Lucy Sanders becoming the first person to have the new CYBPLANTS/2 upgrade. This involved the removal of elements of the cochlea and eardrum being removed and replaced by cybernetic substitutes. A direct connection was made between the implants and the brain. This allowed information to be downloaded directly into the brain. Following the victory of the Futurist Party in the 2032 U.S. presidential election and the subsequent cultural revolution, CYBPLANTS/2 were being administered to all U.S. citizens.

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