SE-15 is a future timeline and history that I have created, it sets out my predictions for the future and what the world will become.

  • The US will have a technological revolution (2033 - 2040) and so will rapidly advance technology
  • Earpieces/Earphones become more widely used and much more popular
  • Futurism, a social and political movement becomes popular and eventually becomes one of the 2 main parties in the US
  • Cloning becomes popular in the US in the 2050's and by the turn of the next century all humans are cloned. These clones are used to change the human population to 23% male 77% female.
  • The government of the United States becomes more authoritarian and by 2040 has become an elected dictatorship, congress and the senate disbanded
  • In 2022 all of mainland europe forms into the United States of Europe (USE)
  • Britain becomes a Republic (2061) but becomes a dictatorship under Jacqui Tyler, Holli Tyler and then Beth Tyler before having a revolution (2181) and becoming an American Puppet.
  • Former Soviet States (Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, etc..) struggle alone and reunion with Russia (2030).

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