Sápmi Parliamentary Election, 2050

2045 11 and 12 August 2050 2050

All 540 seats in the Sápmi Parliament

90 seats were needed for a majority

First party Second party Third party
Liv Signe Navarsete Sp Samferdselsminister 20051017 (cropped)
Pia Kjærsgaard
MargretheVestager nytårsstævne2009
Leader Hánná Rød Márge Biellá Johansson Kirste Heleainná
Party Socialist Front Party for Sápmi All-Sami
Alliance TBD TBD TBD
Seats won 98 85 79

Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Jan Petersen
Kristin Halvorsen
Kent Ekeroth SD
Leader Ádolfe Einár Holger Siv Dánelsen Ándaras Persson
Party Alliance for a better Sápmi Independent Liberal Sami's
Alliance TBD TBD TBD
Seats won 69 60 59

President before election

Ábo Suerojärvi All-Sami

President elected

Hánná Rød

Socialist Front

Sápmi Parliamentary Election, 2050 was a election in the begining of the 2050s, Popular President Ábo Suerojärvi could't Run For a third term as the Sápmi Costitution prohibits it, Socialist Front chairman Hánná Rød 

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