Special Note: Please note that this scenario is meant to be read as entertainment, not as an accurate prediction of the future. Also note that the viewpoints and opinions that may come across in this scenario are not necessarily the viewpoints and opinions of the author.

After the 2063-64 lockout of the National Football League, global interests decided to buy out the nearly-bankrupt NFL, and merged it with the Canadian Football League along with numerous other American/gridiron football leagues.

At first, the former NFL players didn't want to join the World Gridiron League. Offers of lucrative contracts and extra endorsement deals made most of the players join the WGL for a series of long-term contracts. Unlike the NFL and the CFL, games in the World Gridiron League are done with five down to advance the ball 15 yards towards the opponent's goal line. Successful field goals are worth 3 points but field goal attempts that are too wide receive only 2 points. An agreement was made in the year 2114 to keep the league confined to Planet Earth; which was united at that time as the United States of Earth.


As a result, the National Football League became the World Gridiron League. The league is divided into four conferences (Asian, Pan-American, European, African); each containing three divisions (North, Central, South). Smartphone users could watch the games through an app; data charges are free for people who live in Third World countries because the World Gridiron League personally pays the data charges in those countries.

Once Antarctica is colonized, any teams that are formed there will be divided into the Pan-American and Asian divisions; depending on whether it's closer to South America or Australia/New Zealand.

As of the 2070-71 WGL season, there are 64 teams from all around the world. These teams include cities of New Delhi, Johannesburg, New York City, Tripoli, Tokyo, Instanbul, Rome and Dubai. Players are both male and female, But males still dominate and while American still hold the largest numbers of players. The highest quality ones are from Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine and Japan. The World Gridiron League operates as a nonprofit organization and their official website is a Wiki-Like that anyone can edit it under the guides of a moderator.

Tournament finals

They maintain the use of a seeding system and the Superbowl neutral of conference alignment. The last North American team as of the 2100 season to win the Super Bowl was the San Francisco 49ers in 2096.

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