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By the middle of the 21st century, spiritualism will be divided into two feuding camps: pro-science spiritualism which will dominate the worshippers of Buddhism and some liberal Christians, and anti-science spirtualists.

A notable example of an anti-science spiritualist is the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and most Christians who seek to keep humanity in a metaphorical Dark Age without human cloning, genetically modified foods, views contrary to that of the Christian faith (Jesus Christ with a wife and son is one notable example) or any forms of mental enhancement products. Mental enhancements, human cloning and genetically modified foods will provide plenty of good-paying jobs by the year 2050. These products are also considered necessities in order to eradicate disabilities and genetic diseases from the face of our civilization; allowing more people to seek employment instead of disability pensions.

GMO foods along with in vitro meat are considerably cheaper than their "traditional" counterparts as the technology improves and we leave an oil-based economy in favor of a hydrogen-centered economy. Producing meat from dead animals without using artificial hormones is one thing; but being able to grow meat without killing animals would be an outstanding accomplishment for human civilization.

see also: Evolutionary Spirituality

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