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Should the slaughtering of animals for food to be declared illegal?

The poll was created at 23:32 on March 15, 2010, and so far 136 people voted.

Vegetarians are progressive people who choose not to eat cattle and/or other meat items.


As the 21st century progresses, more and more people in metropolitan cities will try the vegetarian lifestyle. Most of them return to eating some or all meat items while others succeed and stop eating meat altogether. Vegetarians live in a society that doesn't understand them and forces their children to eat meat as part a "balanced diet."

Mostly, vegetarians are liberals and they believe in saving the environment. Most of these people are also pacifists that renounce wars and the veterans that fought them (even their relatives and meat-eating friends, as the military forces people to eat meat - and that's why vegetarianism can also be seen as conscientious objection from military service). By the start of the 22nd century, vegetarians will have a strong say in the government positions and the global parliament will devise customizable food guides based on religion, lifestyle, and whether that person desires to eat meat or not.

However, the chartered members of the Establishment who run the meat processing factories, butcher shops, and delicatessens will vainly try to prevent the vegetarian politicians from reaching to power by combing their votes into a "power bloc" to ensure that the food guide will always include meat. But the influence of these "meat-mongers" will no longer be seen in professional wrestling matches as people eat fishsicles (popsicles made of in vitro fish) instead of beef hotdogs to the professional wrestling matches of the year 2105 (which look more like dance recitals than the professional wrestling matches of 2010, with a completely silent audience wearing business suits and slacks instead of T-shirts and jeans).

Countries that are strictly vegetarian

List of famous vegetarians

  • Prince Fielder, the legendary MLB baseball player who made it cool for baseball players and fans to become vegans.
  • Unrelated to this scenario: King Ismael Perez I, co-emperor of the Caribbean Empire who became a lacto-vegetarian at the age of 19 and convinced his wife and Caribbeans to become lacto-vegetarians.
  • Unrelated to this scenario: Queen Yamalis Valera I, co-empress of the Caribbean Empire who was convinced to become a lacto-vegetarian by her husband at the age of 25.