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An imperfection is a factor or variety of factors shared by people who were not born through human cloning in the future. By the year 2045, imperfection-eliminating techniques like stem cell therapy, nanorobotics, and mental enhancements will be affordable even to the poorest 1% of Western civilization.

While the Great Recession temporarily made the middle class bankruptcy, robotic companies helped to replace the jobs lost by low-tech factory jobs by the year 2020.

Until the cure for autism is found, high-functioning autistic people will be denied employment in all but the most menial jobs in their adult years. Becoming a spouse and/or a parent will become nearly impossible given their circumstances and meager salary.


  • birth defects
  • autism
  • ageing
  • genetic diseases
  • low IQ/mental disabilities
  • missing limbs
  • heart murmurs
  • unusually high cholesterol
  • pediatric AIDS/HIV
  • fertility problems

Obstacles to eliminating imperfections

  • money and the economy
  • religious and moral values
  • ethics
  • spiritualism
  • technology level
  • global shortage of doctors/skilled workers
  • conservative politicians

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