For an alternate Scenario, see: Human Cloning: 2049

Human cloning is the artificial creation of a genetically identical copy of an existing, or previously existing human or growing cloned tissue from that individual.

Cloning techniques

Reproductive cloning

As a method of reproduction, human cloning will eventually supplant sexual intercourse for reproductive purposes, just like nanotechnology will gradually supplant traditional agriculture so that foie gras and caviar can be grown for the masses instead of the wealthy elite. However, sexual intercourse will remain for pleasure purposes for the matriarchal hedonistic society of the not-so-distant future. Artificial womb technology is also a part of reproductive cloning, because a woman can freeze her eggs at 25, have a career, then have the eggs unfrozen and placed in a artificial womb when she decides to become a mother.

Therapeutic cloning

Cloning could also cure the paralyzed, the blind, the deaf, dwarfism, gigantism, and other imperfections of the mind and body. This kind of cloning could theoretically done either in an artificial womb or the mother's womb, depending on religious beliefs, circumstances, and/or financial capabilites (in countries without universal health care) to cover the costs of the artificial womb and/or childbirth expenses.

Therapeutic cloning could also provide a kidney dialysis patient with a new kidney from their own DNA, regardless of age. This method could have kept a World War II veteran from Canada or a Korean War Air Force veteran alive through his elderly years. However, with this new kidney would come responsibilities. Doctors would order their patients not to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes in order to avoid damaging the new livers. Refined sugars and red meat would be put in a list of "suspicious foods," as they were blamed for causing heart disease and cancer in the past. Patients of therapeutic cloning would be advise to relegate these foods to "special occasions."

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