Frankie Muniz
Origin Burbank, California
Born Francisco Muniz IV

December 5, 1985

Ridgewood, New Jersey, U.S

Died August 29, 2079 (age 93)

Indianapolis, Indiana

Occupations Professional racer

Former actor

Part-time househusband

Teams Raced For Patel International Motorsports

Joe Gibbs Racing

Hendrick Motorsports

Years active 1997 - 2065

Francisco "Frankie" Muniz IV (born December 5, 1985 - died August 29, 2079) will be a seven-time winning NASCAR driver and a part-time homemaker. Known best for starring in the TV show Malcolm in the Middle, his role becomes obscure after computerized actors replace live human actors during the early 2030s.

Frankie will start off his car racing career in earning the highest title in the Atlantic Championship and then later will become a successful stock car racer in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series; acqiring 32 top five finishes and 200 top ten finishes.

Personal Life

Muniz had three kids, Nikki Muniz, Francisco Muniz V, and cartoonist Jacob (Jake) Muniz. As a homemaker, Muniz has renounced his past in acting and has embraced movies being made without human input. This has led to movies being totally random as opposed to being predictable.

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