Special Note: Please note that this scenario is meant to be read as entertainment, not as an accurate prediction of the future. Also note that the viewpoints and opinions that may come across in this scenario are not necessarily the viewpoints and opinions of the author.

Fishsicles are a delicacy from the 22nd century that are enjoyed in professional wrestling matches as well as in nightclubs, tourist areas, sporting events, restaurants, Taco Bell, McDonald's (where it is called the McFishsicle), and in homes everywhere.

All about the Fishsicle

Instructions to Make a Fishsicle

  • 1. Put a popsicle stick or two on a piece of in vitro fish
  • 2. Prepare fish as normal
  • 3. Cook the fish (with the popsicle sticks intact)
  • 4. After it's well done, eat the fish off of the stick without having to use a knife or fork (all other condiments except hummus are illegal to use according to United States of Earth federal law)

Ketchup with that?

In the 22nd century, it is not considered healthy to use high-carbohydrate and high-sugar condiments like ketchup on fishsicles. Understanding of how food affects us has advanced to a degree barely imaginable a century ago. It is not just that ketchup adds carbohydrates, making people obese, unhealthy and unattractive to the opposite sex. It's not just that the high sugar content directly affects the brain, causing mood swings - and that our now deeper understanding of the brain and of how emotions underpin thought make us as wary of excess sugar as we are of class B drugs. It's something deeper. Centuries ago Indian societies called it prana, the importance of making food with love rather than slapping it together. Science has now shown us why that is important. However, we cannot explain that here, and you will need to wait till the 22nd century for the details.

The health experts of the 22nd century want you to put hummus on your fishsicle instead as it is healthier for you than ketchup.


In addition to the worldwide television ban, fishsicles with hummus will contribute to curing obesity. By 2045, the clothing standards of the world will conform to a more active society without television. A sample clothing size compares current clothing size standards to the ones used by the turn of the 22nd century.

2013 Clothing Size 2105 Clothing Size Ideal demographic
XXXS XXS supermodels and celebrities
XXS XS older supermodels and celebrities
XS S female fitness gurus
S M normal people
M L "slightly above average people"
L XL "above average people"
XL XXL rarely used post-2040
XXL XXXL almost never used post-2040

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