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Fiat's Future

What will Happen next?

By the year 2040, Fiat is a powerhouse in the euopen and north american markets its only due to the many compnies they bought and the history.

Many of the cars are bilt by robots wich some of them bought form toyota or a Russian company.

The humans' job will be fixing the robots along with other robot-related tasks.

Why only Fiat?

and why cant other cars come close?

  • The Subsidiaries: Fiat owns all the Chrysler Brands and they own most of the Itatlin brands expct Lamborghini wich is own by VW, with that said fiat gets a lot of money.
  • Budget: by 2030 many of Fiat cars will be cheap to buy and run thicks to the manufacture like when A Toyota is $14,000 a Fiat is $12,000.
  • Safety and Reliability: Fiat is world know for the Safety in they cars like when you hit a speeding truck going about 50 the car will know in a fraction of a second to turn right saving the driver and they also know for toughness and reliability. A test was with Ram 1500 vs a Toyota tundra in arctic the ram power thew snow and ice when the tundra broke down at one part to the cold and got sunk.
  • Perk: the perks workers will get a fiat for half price in 2 years and one for free in 10 years, higher works get a choose beteen a Ferrari, Maserati or Alfa Romeo.

Impact on the world

  • Fiat factories aka Fabbriche are the main source of imcome for towns and cities
  • The GDP of italy rise to 1500% passing japans and germanys and also helping the nations with fiat factories in them

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