Special Note: Please note that this scenario is meant to be read as entertainment, not as an accurate prediction of the future. Also note that the viewpoints and opinions that may come across in this scenario are not necessarily the viewpoints and opinions of the author.

Euro Truck Simulator 4 is a 2020 video game that was released for the PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Facebook Nintendo's Oculus VR, Google Chromebook and for Android devices. Using a special Reality Enhancer device, the game turns the console system/desktop computer/laptop computer/tablet computer into a representation of a 21st century eighteen-wheel truck.

A gender-specific experience allows for players to get different experiences; depending on what gender that the character is. In one of the mods, female characters are not given jobs that require Saudi Arabia. Instead, she is given a whole different job that does not involving travelling either in or through Saudi Arabia.



In-game screenshot of Euro Truck Simulator 4; PlayStation 5 version shown.

Players must choose from 24 different truck manufacturers; ranging from Scania to Peterbuilt and other truck manufacturers. The player starts out using diesel gasoline but can convert his truck(s) to use ethanol, electric, hydrogen, compressed natural gas or garbage-based fuel as he progresses in the game. There are 200 different towns and cities to deliver goods to; the game is kind enough to include the United States of Europe, the Second Soviet Union and North Africa as playable areas in the game.

The United Kingdom is not included in the game due to the sea level-related flooding that went on during the development of the game. After-market mods allow players to play in diverse regions such as the Japanese Federation, Alaska and parts of the Middle East (where diesel gasoline is the cheapest in the game). The difficulty level can be adjusted between twelve different difficulty levels - ranging from completely unskilled (1) to extremely skilled (12). While the easiest difficulty level allows the CPU to automatically drive your vehicle to repair shop, the second easiest difficulty level (2) forces you to drive the truck to the repair shop by yourself. What is interesting about the hardest difficulty level is that the player can die if he suffers from a bad enough crash; instantly ending the game.

While members of the post-rock generation will record every moment of game play YouTube, the core demographic of the game will likely be unemployed males over the age of 50 who had dreams of becoming truck drivers but couldn't do so during the Great Recession. During the 2010s, masculine professions were rapidly depleting and not enough unisex jobs could be created to replace them.

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