Special Note: Please note that this scenario is meant to be read as entertainment, not as an accurate prediction of the future. Also note that the viewpoints and opinions that may come across in this scenario are not necessarily the viewpoints and opinions of the author.

Chicago, U.S.E.

Chicago in the year 2141; aerial picture taken by robotic camera.
Country United States of Earth
State Canadamerica
Settled 1774
Incorporated March 4, 1837
Named for Miami-Illinois: shikaakwa

("Wild onion")

Government Mayor-council
Mayor Steven Richman

– Total 234.0 sq mi
Elevation 33 ft (10 m)

Population 9,500,000 (2141 census)

Time zone EST (UTC-5)

Chicago is a popular, busy, and expensive neighborhood as of 2036.

Due to the Ebola outbreak of 2015 along with subsequent outbreaks of swine flu and SARS, unprecendented innovations in labor-saving technology were introduced. The capitalist system would bring its inevitable end due to an "economic plague which started sometime in the year 2037." Many nearby hamlets were abandoned as people chose to live more urban lives to required less fuel usage. Wages shot up and laborers could move to new localities in response to wage offers.


Some of the most rich people live in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and many other popular cities. Affected by the Ebola Outbreak of 2015, Chicago becomes one of cities that Obamacare has a priority on to improve their healthcare system.

Most people in the Chicago area are payed with good jobs, and living in a mansion is normal around this neighborhood. Many popular TV broadcasters such as NBC, CBS, and other famous Canadamerican broadcasters are located in Chicago. Most citizens of Chicago will make money from that. However, Windroit makes more money, but isn't the richest city. Other popular jobs are the journalist jobs. They pay high. The movie industry has also been popular in Chicago. As a wealthy urbane area, the economy of Chicago was not as affected as much by the Animal Civil Rights Act as it did to the western part of Illinois (Forgottonia).

Chicago plans to open the new renovated subway, and light rail in 2025. They will both run by using the maglev train. There will be a maglev rail from Chicago to Springfield. A trip to Springfield will only take an hour. A maglev rail corridor from Chicago to Toronto also promises to bring economic growth to Chicago, Windroit, Toronto as well as the surrounding area.

The Social and Economic Treaty of Chicago was signed here in 2257; ending the First Galactic War between the Rebel Empire and the Sol Alliance. This treaty would ultimately pave way for the Republic of Sol, seen as many to be the ultimate successor to the United States of Earth.