National Christian Movement Flag (Offical)

Flag of Rwanda-Burundi.

Gemüseverkäuferinnen mit Tonkrugkühler, Female vegetable sellers with clay pot cooler, vendeuses des légumes avec un canari frigo, Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso

Rwanda-Burundi people enjoying a day out at he market. They have gon high-tech and got a big copper pot, not the usual small or medium sized steel ones.

Togo-benin 1985-079 hg

The chaotic life in overpopulated Kigali.

Septic tank (5269135940)

Technology is kept primitive to stop moral temptation. They are peering in to a blocked public long drop toilet.


Inspectors from the Holy Morality Police.

A mothers support group in Lodwar, northern Kenya, September 2011 (6219651215)

Farming is still very primitive so as to avoid moral temptation.

The Second Dark Age caused many things including the migrating of Christians to Rwanda and Burundi. Religion had healed the tribal rifts with the promise of personal redemption by 2075. The states federated in 2078. Christianity still apply continues her on mass in a fundamentalist form.

  1. Name- The Holy Federation of Rwanda-Burundi (AKA- The Divine Kingdom of Kigali\Rwanda-Burundi).
  2. Capital city- Kigali
  3. Largest city/town- Kigali
  4. Other cities/towns- Bujumbura, Ngozi and Gisenyi
  5. Leader- President Gladys Moopa Adoka
  6. Deputy leader- Deputy Presidet Maira Madupe Gbagbo
  7. Regime- African Christian fundamentalist republic
  8. Language- Lingala, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Swahili, English, French and Chechhewa.
  9. Religion- 88%Catholic, 11% Amish and 1% traditional local beliefs
  10. Population- 22,575,565
  11. Economy- Subsistence farming and logging. The low level export of coffee and exotic fruit as a cash crop.
  12. Climate- Tropical
  13. Military- 1,500

Women are heavily fined if they use labour saving kitchen devices, were trousers or jeans, were skirts over ankle length, were skimpy swimming suits or refuse to cover there heads. Women who do not comply for 3 times in a row have there lips cut off and are cast out of society for ever.

Contact with the outside world is minimal, the internet is banned and TV screens can not be bigger than 3 inches in diameter.

labour saving technology and motor vehicles are considered decadent and slothful, so any one who uses them is fined heavily and has there head publicly shaved.

Farming, housing, industry and sanitation are very basic so as to avoid greed, decadence and jealousy. When harvests fail the state int induces rationing and if that fails, then all non-believers are killed off to please god.

Homosexuals, hippies and trans-humans are banned from entering the state.  

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