Russian White Movement
Российская Белая Движение
2022 –
Russia flag Russian coat of arms
God is with us!
Capital and largest city Volgograd
Official language Russian
State ideology Monarchist
Government Military movement/provisional government
Head of State
- 2022 –
Supreme Governor
Viktor Kuznetsov
Head of Government
- 2022 –
Speaker of the Council
Igor Markin

The Russian White Movement (Russian: Российская Белая Движения)l is a military movement/state created in May 2022 by the Monarchist Party of the Russian Federation, following the communist coup against the government of Russia following the 2020 State Duma elections. The creation of the Russian Socialist Republic by the communists was met with much discontent, and caused the outbreak of the Second Russian Civil War days later.

The White movement official capital was the southern city of Volgograd, later renamed Tsaritsyn (the name it had under the Russian Empire). At first, lack of a centralized government was a problem, as different faction leaders and officers led different units across the country, but by 2021 they were mostly united. It was led by he Supreme Governor of Russia and the Speaker of the Council. Many defectors from the Russian Armed Forces (which became the Socialist Armed Forces) had joined the White military, known as the White Army, along with thousands of volunteers.


At first, the Movement lacked a central government, with only units in the south answering to Viktor Kuznetsov, the self-proclaimed Supreme Governor and former head of the Monarchist Party. Upon centralization of authority, the a Imperial Council was formed, of senior advisors and officials, led by the Speaker of the Council. The way to becoming a council member was to basically have the most influence in your region. However, some individual warlords continued to remain after the White Movement was centralized, but eventually all gave in or were killed.

The Monarchist Party was the only political party that existed in the government, and it gained many members who were not even monarchists. They hated the communists, and made deals with foreign nations (mainly Ukraine) to support themselves. Many foreigners that came to fight for the Whites became members.


The White Army was the military force of the White Movement. It was primarily made up of volunteers, defected Socialist Armed Forces personnel, and former police/militiamen. They had overall better training than the communist troops, but lacked the technology. They were also outnumbered, having 1.4 million at first and continued to be outnumbered compared to the communists until the final months of the war.

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