2107. At that time, Russia has a lot colonies in space. It all started with the fact that in 2014, by decree President of The Russian Federation Medvedev has been sent to Mars. The expedition was in charge, Anatoly Perminov, head of the agency Roscosmos.

Russian territory on Earth and Space.

Main Earth Territory. Capital - Moscow. Languages - Russian and others. President - Boris Basov.

Barsoom (Mars). Capital - Port-Sovetsk. Languages - Russian and Polish. Governor - Yuri Grishin.

New Kamchatka (Venus). Capital - Gorbachevsk. Languages - Russian, Tatar, Komi. Governor - Yuri Bushuev.

Bellinstgauzen. Capital - Novominsk. Languages - Russian, Lithuanian, German, Belorussian. Governor - Yuri Sokolov.

New Idel-Ural. Capital - New Bavly. Languages - Russian, Tatar. Governor - Ali Gazimzyanov.

Romanovsk. Capital - Novopushkin. Languages - Russian. Governor - Semen Savchenko.

New Karelia. Capital - Serdobolsk. Languages - Russian and Karelian. Governor - Boris Chernovol.

Nev Kaliningrad. Capital - Medvedevsk. Languages - Russian and Polish. Governor - Yuri Bromberg.

New Tula. Capital - Putingrad. Languages - Russian and Georgian. Governor - Georgy Tumanishvili.

New Bukhara. Capital - Novotashkent. Languages - Russian, Uzbek, Tajik, Kyrgyz, Turkmenian. Governor - Musa Aliyev.

Nev Kazakhstan. Capital - Novosemipalatinsk. Languages - Russian and Kazakh. Governor - Ali-Bek Turgaev.

New Alaska. Capital - Baranov. Languages - Russian and Esperanto. Governor - Petr Kozyrev.

New Austria. Capital - Alpenburg. Languages - Russian, Czech and German. Governor - Katrina Vais.

New Suomi. Capital - Novomonchegorsk. Languages - Russian, Karelian, Finnish. Governor - Yuri Mogilev.

New Ukraine. Capital - Novodonetsk. Languages - Russian and Ukrainian. Governor - Bogdan Levko.

Malobelarus. Capital - Novobrest. Languages - Russian and Belorussian. Governor - Uladzimir Sarheyau.

New Petrograd. Capital - Yeltsingrad. Languages - Russian, German and Komi. Governor - Arkadiy Pasternak.

New Germany. Capital - Meretskovsk. Languages - Russian and German. Governor - Richard Goering.

New Khakassia. Capital - Krasnoarmeisk. Languages - Russian and Uzbek. Governor - Boris Permyakov.

New Perm. Capital - Kalevala City. Languages - Russian, Komi. Governor - Anatoly Mukhin.

Novopolska. Capital - Hradec-Novokrakowski. Languages - Russian, Polish. Governor - Alexander Sergienko.

New Nordovia. Capital - Mokshagrad. Languages - Russian and Erzya. Governor - Alexei Nefedov.

Scania. Capital - New Helsinki. Languages - Russian and Finnish. Governor - Yuri Koval.

Nova Srpska. Capital - Novi-Beograd. Languages - Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Chechen. Governor - Dragoslav Brejovic.

New Siberia. Capital - New Peterburg. Languages - Russian and others. Governor - Anatoly Petrov.

New Chechnya. Capital - Ramzan-Kala. Languages - Russian and Chechen. Governor - Rahmadan Zakhaev.

New Abkhazia. Capital - New Sochi. Languages - Russian, Ossetian, Abkhazian, Chechen, Georgian, Armenian and others. Governor - Anna Dorofeeva.

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