Russian Socialist Republic
Российская Социалистическая Республика
2022 –
Russian Socialist Republic Soviet Star
Workers of the World, Unite!
Capital and largest city Moscow
Official language Russian
State ideology Communist
Government Socialist republic
Head of State
- 2022 –
Roman Andropov
Head of Government
- 2022 –
Sergei Voronov

The Russian Socialist Republic (Russian: Российская Социалистическая Республика) is a state created in May 2022 by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, following their coup against the government of Russia following the 2020 State Duma elections. The creation of the Republic was met with much discontent, and caused the outbreak of the Second Russian Civil War days later, against the Russian White Movement.

The Republic maintained its capital at Moscow, where the Premier and Chairman resided. Much of central and northern Russia were under Republic control initially, but most of the south, east, and some portions of central Russia supported the White Movement. The mainstream Russian Armed Forces were renamed to the Socialist Armed Forces, which included the Red Ground Forces, Red Navy, Red Air Force, Red Airborne Troops, Red Strategic Missile Troops, and Red Aerospace Defense Forces.


The Socialist Republic was ruled by the Premier, an autocratic position which was only held by the dictator Roman Andropov, the leader of the Communist Party. The second-in-command was the Chairman, which was held by Sergei Voronov. The Chairman had half the power of the Premier, but Voronov did not mind, and preferred dealing with military affairs rather than the government. The legislature was the Politburo, the executive committee of the Communist Party.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation was reformed following the coup and the creation of the Republic, now called the Communist Party of the Russian Socialist Republic. It's numbers tripled since the ascension to power, as many nationalists and drafted conscripts had joined for benefits and prestige. However, members were generally low quality. Most were members of the military.


The Socialist Armed Forces inherited most of what the Russian Federation military had, though doubled production of equipment/vehicles and the personnel count. Many defected to the White Army, so political commissars were placed into the military. Much of it's troops were poorly trained conscripts, with around 900,000 of it's initial 2.3 million troops having proper training. The branches included the Red Ground Forces, which was the land component, the Red Navy, which was the maritime component but was the smallest as much of it's crews defected to the White Navy, the Red Air Force, the Red Airborne Troops, elite units, and the Red Strategic Rocket and Aerospace Defence Forces.

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