The Russian Civil War was sparked a civil war sparked by the [forced] capitulation of the Putin Administration due to corruption charges. Though Putin used his power to delay the mass-firing of Putin Politicians his ifluency wore off and the civil war begun.

History Edit

March 15, 2021 Edit

"President Putin, what would you like to say about the corruption allegations against and destroying your administration?" - Chief Justice Vyacheslav Lebedev

"They're false, I and my fellow politicians would do nothing of the such to ruin the integrity of Russia, it is absolutely absurd, like the people who are making these claims." - President Vladimir Putin

"Well the person who is making these claims is your Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev I guess you've just reached a roadblock. But anyway, let us begin." - Chief Justice Vyacheslav Lebedev.

The first minute of the first trial of the Russia vs. Putin case.

After the first trial of the Russia vs. Putin case, which lasted 135 minutes, riots and protest broke out immediately. Thousands of Pro-Putin and Anti-Putin protesters, activist, rioters, and Police officers engaged each other for hours on end before the neutral and specialized Anti-Rioting Force of Russia (ARFR) ended the chaos.

In a nutshell the 15th of March was a day of political and civil chaos which was the ignition of the subsequent Russia Civil War.

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