The official RULES article for Terra Futura.

  1. Contributing to the canon of Terra Futura isn't as straightforward as one may think. For something to be added as "canon", a participant must add his/her proposal to the propositions article (which will be created soon). After you have submitted a proposal, the creator (XtranormalGeek) will review it, and if it is clearly written enough and displays a certain amount of probability that would otherwise be ascertained as "real", the proposal will be added to the canon of Terra Futura.
  2. Same applies with the News and Headlines article (which will also be made soon). The "source" of where this news report comes from can be real (Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) or purely fictional.
  3. Other categories such as Individuals, Religions, Weapons, Technology, etc. have completely free range, and one can add any sort of article relating to these specific categories without any restrictions. However, it should be warned that as the project becomes larger (if it becomes large enough), these type of articles may require more specified materials, but we need not worry about that at the moment. Just make sure your entries are concise and don't violate pre-established canon.
  4. Humor goes only so far. If your article is intended to be funny, satirical or otherwise comedic, you should seek another timeline, as this project is meant to be earnest.

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