Here are the rules of Future Map Game 3. (Some are copied from Diplomacy: The Future Map Game Rules, and i give them full credit)

Player rules

  • Be Plausible, 3 implausibilites and your banned for 3 turns. Do another 3 implausibilites on your last chance and your ban is permanent
  • If you don't post for 5 turns, your country will be banned and be avaliable for other players to take
  • Every turn is 1 year until 2100 where its 5 years, 2200 where its 10 years and 2300 where its 20 years
  • The last turn is in 2400
  • Please give a reason for a war/embargo/sanctions
  • Every 25 years are archived to reduce scrolling
  • If you declare war on someone, the other party must respond (I.E You cant invade Pakistan and claim Pakistan lost without Pakistan responding)
  • No Nukes, UFOs or aliens
  • No Influence, it doesn't make sense in real life
  • No real person born after March 31st, 2014 can do something unless that person reaches adulthood.
  • Massive cultural shifts. Cultural shifts take many decades, have to have good reason, and tend to not be drastic.
  • Religious changes in nations, other than secularism rising in the twentieth century, will almost always just be a denominational change. Being overly liberal for the time period. Especially in the west, religious freedom was a foreign concept in most nations prior to the nineteenth century. In almost all nations, women did not become leaders and important figures with equal rights until the twentieth century
  • If you change a country, everything your country did will be undoed and all your country posts will be removed

Mod Rules

  • Can't ban players for no reasons, if you do, your removed as a mod, you lose your country and are banned for 10 turns
  • Inactive mods will be removed

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