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2029 Flag of Romania 2042
Romania general election, 2037
All 128 seats in the Senate and 319 seats in the Chamber of Deputies
20 November 2037
Turnout 73.3%
First party Second party Third party
Leader Vasile Petrescu Victor Negrescu David Covaci
Party Union Democratic Party Social Democratic Party (Romania) National Liberal Party (Romania)
Leader since 2032 2030 2036
Leader's seat S - Bucharest S - Bucharest D - Cluj County
Last election 175 D, 54.9%
67 S, 51.5%
116 D, 36.4%
43 S, 33.1%
Seats won 201 D / 74 S 70 D / 25 S 30 D / 12 S
Seat change New Decrease 105 D / Decrease 42 S Decrease 86 D / Decrease 31 S
Percentage 63.1 % D / 57.8 % S 21.9 % D / 19.5 % S 9.4 % D / 9.4 % S
Prime Minister before election
Vasile Petrescu
Union Democratic Party
Elected Prime Minister
Vasile Petrescu
Union Democratic Party

The Romanian general election of 2037 will elect the second parliament of Romania. This election will also be first election that held by Romania since it becomes constitutional monarchy in 2032.

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