President Ventura
Skyline of Rochester in 2050
Country United States
State West New York
Founded 1830s
Government Mayor-council
Mayor Mark Betty

– Total 565.7 sq. mi

Elevation 505 ft (154 m)

Population 8,500,000

Time zone EST (UTC-5)

Rochester, WNY is a large metropolitan area that increased over time to become the second largest city in West New York. It is home to many businesses, offices, and many people live in Rochester. It is the 13th largest city in the United States, and 43rd largest in the World. Rochester is one of the largest business hubs in the world.

Rochester is on its way to be an impressive green city. The Genesee river runs through the heart of the city, and while once listed as the 32nd most polluted river in the U.S., it has become an model of modern conservation techniques. Through modern technologies, Rochester began re-using the power of the river to fuel its growing communities.

Most people will live in northern Rochester. It was voted one of the most liveable cities in 2030. Reconstruction of the new Rochester began in 2041, and completed by the end of 2052. The city built a new airport for the area which became one of the largest airport hubs in the world. Rochester is one of the most busiest cities in West New York, when the state divided. Rochester's suburbs have a lot of residential areas. The city completed it's subway in 2067, same year the second Rochester airport opened named Rochester-Loewenthal Metropolitan Airport, named after Henry Loewenthal, U.S. congressman in late 2050s, who was from Rochester.

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