As the wearable tech industry evolved lots of people got hurt wearing them. Technology companies were being sued left and right because people thought they should be held accountable for supplying consumers with ever more distracting devices such as Google Glass and other 3D visors. 

Politicians came up with the Robotic Bio Implantation Act. This long piece of legislation protected corporations from being sued by people who chose to buy their technology. However, it also protected consumers and placed them under the protection of various insurance policies. 


First implemented, under President Hillary Clinton in 2019. The Controversial act remained a "scandal" in the media. Clinton used the Affordable Health Care Act in parts to justify her own Robotic Bio Implantation Act. By pairing with technology companies as well as insurance companies, this left everyone safe. Conservatives declared that it was a direct assault on the free market. People should be allowed to sue who they wanted and buy what they wanted. 

Liberal Democrats on the other hand, were upset because it gave corporations protection and the policy could be abused by Billion dollar companies that controlled the wearable technology industry as well as the fledgling bionics industry. Democrats feared that the corporations could knowingly release dangerous wearable and other devices that could hurt the consumer.  

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