The Roamfreun and Roucierre Armed Services is an alliance between the Roamfreun Armed Services and the Roucierre Armed Services during the Braleudean War of 2012; was previously expected to disband after the Braleudean War, however, still exists today and had been officialised.


During the offensive of Auvene on 8 July 2012, the Lveiovs government asked for assistance from the newly established Roucierre Entreutories. By 29 August 2012, a strong troop of 812,000 Roucierrean land and sea forces had landed on the coasts of Bounitivial, and paving the way of a joint offensive launched by the Roamfreuns on 1 September 2012.

Current Status

The alliance remains today. Frequent joint military presentations and constitutional military operations took place twice annually. Talks are now in process to admit the Braleudean Armed Services, of which the 3 national armed services will form the Armed Services of the Unified Adcuetdentry.

Relevant Articles

External Links

  • A Braleudean news article on the formation of the alliance. [[1]] The MorningPapers, BCB, 8 July 2012.

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