• Mod event: The financial crisis worsens and many currencies fail and countries go bankrupt. This causes great instability everywhere, and as many countries are near civil war, cities declare independence and try to create new countries.
  • The city of Billund declares independence from Denmark as the Children's Republic of Billund.
  • Hamburg secedes from Germany as the Delicious Hamburger Republic, and makes the hamburger its currency.
  • Billund has, due to its airport, lots of airplanes, but has to make tanks and weapons out of LEGO. The ammo they get from Russia in favor of LEGO bottles with Vodka in them.
  • Hamburg invades Schleswig-Holstein by throwing hamburgers at people and forcing them to eat it, making them fat so they can't run away.
  • Tokyo declares independence as the Empire of Greater Tokyo. They quickly build up the military and soon invades Kanagawa Prefecture. The Hakurei Party is founded and becomes popular.
  • Miyako, Iwate declares independence as the Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako, and adopts Yoshika Miyako from the Touhou Project to be their national symbol. Their first President is Yoshihiro Kumasaka, the former mayor of the town. They begin to invade nearby cities in style.
  • Billund's Air Force makes an attack on Varde, and quickly take control of their military base. Here they find proper tanks and weapons instead of the LEGO ones they used earlier on.
  • The Greater Empire of Tokyo adopts Gareth Emery – Tokyo (Ben Gold Remix) to be their National Anthem and Reimu Hakurei, main character of the Touhou Project series, to be their National Symbol. By the end of this year the Hakurei Party holds the second most seats in the Parliament.
  • The Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako adopts a new flag, it's the same as the previous one just with Yoshika Miyako added onto the flag. Taoism becomes the official state religion.
  • Billund expands west into Esbjerg and east into the Triangle Area. A line of control has now been created, and Billund easily takes control of all of Souhern Denmark, and they close down the Great Belt Bridge.
  • Hamburg, due to its name, receives assistance from the United States, who help them capture Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This is condemned by the Danish government, but the United States received lots of hamburgers, so they don't really care. Or that's at least what Barack Obama said.
  • London declares independence, then invades the entire of Southern England.
  • New York declares independence from the USA, then annexes the rest of New York State. The USA leaves them alone however, as they hold the heads of Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's hostage. Ronald McDonald is arrested for paedophilia.
  • London takes Birmingham, and now holds everything below Birmingham. The Londonia Government begins to produce a new type of Fast Food specifically aimed at Americans: Hot Dogs with Corn Syrup injected in it, covered in Batter and then deep fried, then placed in a Burger Bun with 4 burgers in it, which is then put on a plate with Pancakes and Donuts. It is called 'the healthy surprise' the surprise being that it isn't healthy. The USA population becomes addicted to these foods, and declares support for London,
  • New York refuses to buy the Healthy Surprise, due to the fact that the Population of the rest of the USA have now ALL have obesity problems
  • London refuses to comment on the increase in Obesity.
  • Billund and Hamburg form the Billund-Hamburg Union (BHU) and agree to help each other expand. Billund takes all of Denmark except Copenhagen, and Hamburg invades Brandenbug, but is stopped at Berlin because of great resistance.
  • London, Hamburg and Billund become allies after signing the Bacon Treaty.


  • London invades the rest of the UK, by bribing the soldiers with the new 'Bacon Healthy Surprise' Which is the Healthy Surprise, covered in Bacon. They change the national anthem to "Anarchy in the UK"
  • Hamburg, now with more money and weapons, is able to take the rest of Germany except Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg.
  • Billund, also with more money and weapons, finally takes Copenhagen and then also Southern Sweden. Because they now control all of Denmark, they are also able to take the Faroe Islands and Greenland.
  • The Empire of Greater Tokyo manages to conquer Kanagawa Prefecture. Soon the Hakurei Party manages to become the top party in the Parliament. Naoki Inose joins the Hakurei Party, and a few days later, launches an invasion of Yamanashi, Saitama, and Chiba Prefectures.
  • The Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako manages to annex all of Iwate Prefecture upon the Siege of Morioka. They begin to build up heavily and prepare for an invasion of neighbouring Prefectures. Meanwhile a Yoshika Miyako statue is built in Morioka.
  • Billund takes Iceland and starts invading Norway. Because the Norwegians fell closer to the Danes than the Swedes did, many cities are easily captured, but it's a bit harder to take Oslo.
  • Hamburg invades the Netherlands, and because they put hash in their burgers and sell them to the Dutch people, it isn't that difficult to take control of the country.
  • New York makes the USA legalise Cocaine, as they have a Congress man in Congress, and when the Americans are all drugged up, they Invade the rest of the East Coast. They set the National Anthem as "We are Young"
  • The Empire of Greater Tokyo adopts Markus Schulz feat. Ana Diaz – Nothing Without Me (Beat Service Remix) as their official military and war anthem. By May Yamanashi, Saitama, and Chiba Prefectures fall under the control of Tokyo after Tokyoites ceases control of corporations and businesses.
  • The Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako invades the rest of Tōhoku Region with their army of Yoshika Miyako cosplayers with much success. The Siege of Natori becomes one of the more challenging battles as they face fighting against Satori Komeiji and Nitori Kawashiro cosplayers.
  • Mod event: The farts of the eaters of the Bacon Healthy Surprise have changed the composition of the Earth's atmosphere, and because of that, it suddenly starts raining with liquid bacon, pork and syrup over several large cities in the US, Canada, the British Isles, Germany and France. More than 2 million people die of obesity instantly.
  • Hamburg and Billund, after realizing how dangerous the Bacon Healthy Surprise is, they make it illegal in their countries, but they still don't want to end the supply of bacon to London, because they were warned about the fast food.
  • The Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako manages to win the Siege of Natori with help from Kogasa Tatara cosplayers, and by December all of Tōhoku Region is annexed into Miyako.
  • London: Fortunatly for Londonian citizens, we have created the Health Bar, a bar of food that tastes just like a Bacon Healthy surprise, but makes you lose weight. It sells well in Londonia, Germany and the whole world, except America, were they say it is not filling enough...
  • New York: Imports several thousand tonnes of Health Bars.
  • London invades northern France, and destroys Paris by catapulting Bacon Healthy Surprises (Now with the Fat Fart molecules removed) into the City, and the entire population becomes to fat to move


  • Hamburg takes Belgium and Western Poland, but they are unable to capture Southern Germany, which has great defenses because of the mountains.
  • Billund takes control of the rest of Norway and Sweden. They meet no resistance in Norway and Northern Sweden, but Stockholm is harder to take. They also take Finland, because the Finns are busy sitting in saunas and drinking vodka. 
  • Hamburg, because of it's close relations with the fat Americans, changes its national anthem to "Undefeated" by Jason Derulo, which was sponsored by Coca Cola and includes the Coca Cola tune.
  • Mod event: A massive earthquake in the ocean just south of Japan causes a tsunami, which hits southern Japan, Taiwan, the northern Philippines. southeastern China and several other countries.
  • The Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako prepares and begins to invade Niigata, Gunma, and Tochigi Prefectures. More Yoshika Miyako statues are built in major cities.
  • The Empire of Greater Tokyo decides to take the advantage and invades the rest of Southern Japan, along with helping with the aid and clean up for areas affected by the Tsunami. By April all but Okinawa, Kōchi, Saga, Ibaraki, and Kyoto Prefectures are conquered. A demilitarised border begins to be built between the Tokyo and soon to be Miyako border while a wall begins to be built between Tokyo and Ibaraki Prefecture, as the Tokyoites are afraid of the Kasen Ibaraki cosplayers.
  • London invades the rest of France, by Carpet Bombing the french with the excess fat released from creating the Bacon Healthy Surprise
  • New York takes the next line of states in from the East Coast States after they spread a rumour that the people there think the Mets, Yankees and all the other sports teams in New York are terrible, and then the Baseball fans killed everyone, and continue to storm through the USA.
  • The Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako conquers Niigata and Tochigi Prefectures by June while the invasion of Gunma Prefecture becomes a stalemate. Soon the Nitori Kawashiro cosplayers with Tanks, which is known as the Kappa Division, are sent in and Gunma Prefecture is conquered by the end of July.
  • The Greater Empire of Tokyo quickly invades and conquers Saga Prefecture, and relocates all the Seiga Kaku cosplayers to the Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako. Tokyo attempts to invade Kōchi Prefecture but are pushed back by the Koishi Komeiji cosplayers, and lose Ehime Prefecture in the process. Tokyo then begins to build up again, and decides to import some Skrillex albums.
  • Hamburg finally captures Southern Germany but loses many soldiers in the progress. However, this makes all the other soldiers happy, because there is now more burgers for them.
  • Mamizou Futatsuiwa cosplayers protest in Sado, Niigata demanding that Buddhism be a recognised religion. The Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako takes the advice and adds Buddhism as an official religion along with Taoism. The protest dies out and the Buddhists and Taoists begin to get along. Proposals for adopting a new currency takes place, as the Seiga Kaku cosplayers do not like paying with Cloths.
Previous map (2013-15)


  • The Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako launches an invasion of both Hokkaido and Ibaraki Prefectures. Hokkaido quickly falls and is annexed, while Ibaraki puts up a good fight. By the fourth month, Ibaraki Prefecture is defeated and annexed into Miyako. The Miyako-Tokyo border continues to be demilitarised, but ends up becoming a hotspot similar to the Korean Demilitarised Border.
  • The Greater Empire of Tokyo invades Kōchi and Kyoto Prefecture. Kyoto is quickly defeated after they accidentally dropped the bass on the wrong note. The Tokyoites manage to retake Ehime Prefecture and begin defeating the Koishi Komeiji cosplayers. The Shrine Maiden Division, composing of Reimu Hakurei and Sanae Kochiya cosplayers, are sent in and soon Kōchi Prefecture finally falls to Tokyo.
  • Hamburg and Billund, after the signing of a treaty, merge to form the Billund-Hamburg Federation, and together take the Baltic States and the rest of Poland. They now prepare for an invasion the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria, and build up their military.
  • The presidential election in Billund-Hamburg is won by the leader of the former Liberal Alliance of Denmark, Simon Emil Amitzbøll. He causes great controversy when he legalizes having multiple wifes/husbands and immediately marries 300 young men from across the country.
  • The Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako purchases Sakhalin Island and the Kuril Islands from Russia for 300,000,000 Yen and 10,000,000 Vodkas. Miyako soon invades and annexes Okinawa Prefecture to ensure the Miyako Islands do not end up under Tokyoite rule.
  • The Greater Empire of Tokyo imports some more Skrillex albums. Later, President Naoki Inose launches an invasion of South Korea hoping to catch some special Jazz music from the capital. Tokyoites manage to conquer up to the border of Gyeonggi and Gangwon Provinces with the help of Dubstep.
  • Mod to Tokyo: You have to deal with Psy and Gangnam Style before taking South Korea.
  • Vancouver declares independence from Canada as the Cascadian Republic of Vancouver. Former mayor Gregor Robertson calls for other cities in the region known as Cascadia to declare independence, so that the region can be united.
  • Vancouver peacefully annexes Seattle and several other cities, and as a sign of respect, the name of the country is changed to the Cascadian Federation.
  • The Greater Empire of Tokyo continues invading but Dubstep begins to lose against the power of Gangnam Style. As a result Tokyo is pushed back to around North and South Chungcheong Provinces. The Tokyoites then begins to import some Rock music and manage to pull off a stalemate at best, while they prepare for a new plan.
  • Billund-Hamburg annexes the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, but it is decided that the three countries should just become a territory of the country, because the majority of LEGO's factories are located there, and the wage laws therefore should stay the same.
  • Cascadia peacefully annexes the rest of British Columbia and Washington, as well as the Alaskan Panhandle.


  • Billund-Hamburg annexes Kaliningrad, Russia, and after a reformation of the administrative divisions, Poland, Kaliningrad and Lithuania become part of the same territory as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The territory is named the Eastern Territory by the government.
  • The Greater Empire of Tokyo continues the invasion of South Korea and begins to send in Iku Nagae cosplayers with Disco Music. A huge battle takes place between Disco and Gangnam Style, and it lasts for days. Soon, the Tenshi Hinanawi cosplayers are also sent in to help. By the seventh month, South Korea finally falls to Tokyo. However, forced elections are held and soon Banri Kaieda becomes President. Tokyo is then renamed into the Seoul-Tokyo Federation, and a flag contest begins.
  • The Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako begins to build up. President Yoshihiro Kumasaka decides to have some Chinese food one night and orders for a Chinese To-Go Box. Seeing as it's a bit expensive, he soon decides to launch an invasion of Taiwan so he can get it decently priced. All of Taiwan falls within four months except for Taipei, where the fighting continues.
  • Mod event: Temperatues world-wide continue to rise, causing the ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise. Coastal cities across the globe are hit by massive floods, forcing the governments to do something about it.
  • Billund-Hamburg builds dykes around major coastal cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Arhus, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki to prevent further flooding. At the same time however, multinational corporations are allowed to drill for even more oil and ressources in the Arctic, causing the sea levels to rise even more.
  • In Billund-Hamburg, protests against the liberal capitalist government break out. Protesters demand that the government steps down and that new elections are held. After months of riots, a rally (literally, a rally) led by Finnish racing driver Kimi Raikkonen gathers all the protesters in the country in a common effort to overthrow the government, which succeeds. The newly formed party, the Social-Liberal Union gets to power and Kimi Raikkonen becomes the new president. Shortly after, the Eastern Territory is dissolved and Greenland is given to Cascadia, which is much better at protecting the environment.
  • Cascadia peacefully annexes Alaska and Northern Canada, and is met with great support from the Inuits. Many Canadians soon begin protesting, not against Cascadia, but against the Eastern Canadian government. Cascadia says in an official statement, that it will only annex other areas if the people living there are willing. However, the Pacifists think that Cascadia should take the Pacific coast, so that the Pacifists could live there.
  • The Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako begins dealing with the flooding by cleaning up and sending aid. Lots of dykes are also built around major cities, especially in Natori, Miyako, Sado, and more. After much debate, the capital is moved to Asahikawa, Hokkaido. With Miyako no longer being the capital and main focus, the Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako changes its name to Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic. A flag contest also begins. In other news, Taipei falls and Taiwan becomes annexed by the Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo Federation also builds dykes and dams around the coastal cities, and aid and clean up also goes out to those affected by the flooding. The capital is moved to Cheongju, while Seoul and Tokyo become the legislative and judicial capitals respectivley. Seoul-Tokyo Won becomes the new currency.

Current map 2


  • Billund-Hamburg, following its regime-change, imposes new laws making extremely unhealthy food such as the fast food made by London and the fast food sold in the former US, and immediately breaks off all relations with London and New York.
  • In revenge, London drops 5000,000 tons of 500% concentrated FAT on Bilund-Hamburg.
  • New York invades parts of the USA, but doesn't really 'give a shit' about Europe
  • Mod to New York: It takes more than one turn to take the entire US.
  • We already own most of it
  • Billund-Hamburg declares war on London, and sends troops into former Northern France.
  • Cascadia peacefully takes the US states of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, and prepares for a peaceful invasion of the Canadian Prairies.
  • New York to Cascadia: Leave, or we will annex the shit out of you
  • London arms the army with REAL guns. The Bilund-Hamburgians are destroyed in the battle, as the Lego has a shorter range.
  • Billund-Hamburg enters an alliance with the resistance movement in Southern France and together they try to push London out of continental Europe. Billund-Hamburg completely stopts using anything else than real weapons.
  • Cascadia to New York: If we are allowed to keep Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, you can take the rest of the US. We don't really like wars and we believe this can be solved diplomatically.
  • New York to Cascadia: OK. Having taken the USA, we legalise Pot.


  • London retreats from France, but fortifies the coastline of the British Isles
  • Billund-Hamburg annexes North France, while South France becomes a puppet state. However, Billund-Hamburg is unable to get to the British Isles, and so they start praying to Odin and Thor, hoping that they will help them. They also send a message into space in case there are some aliens willing to help them.
  • Cascadia, having just avoided a war with New York, is very reliefed and continues its peaceful invasion of Canada. Within a few months, everything except Quebec and the Toronto-region is annexed.
  • Mod event: California is struck by a massive earthquake that destroys Los Angeles, San Fransisco and many other cities, and a large tsunami devastates coastal areas in the entire Pacific region. It will now be easier for New York to fully complete its invasion of the US.
  • Cascadia to New York: If you help us take the Toronto-region and Quebec, you will be allowed to take everything below the Saint Lawrence River as well as Newfoundland Island.
  • New York: OK
  • London sends TWO messages into space, one of which suicide bombs the Bilund Hamburg Message. They pray to Isis and Horus and all the Roman and Eygptian Gods, as well as God, though they pray to God Relucantly
  • Billund-Hamburg installs a massive missile defense system to prevent any Londonese attacks on the mainland. At the same time, they send up a new type of satellite to keep an eye on London and other nations.
  • Cascadia lets New York invade the rest of Canada, while Cascadia, being afraid of war, does nothing. The Toronto-region, Quebec and the rest of Labrador is annexed by Cascadia, and everything below the Saint Lawrence River and Newfoundland Island is annexed by New York.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic cleans up the mess the Tsunami caused and affected cities and towns begin to be repaired. Meanwhile a major buildup begins and many Taoist Temples and more Buddhist Temples are built. Ibaraki Prefecture is invaded yet again after the Kasen Ibaraki cosplayers rebelled against the Taoists and Buddhists. More huge fighting takes place and Ibaraki Prefecture is soon conquered and annexed, again. This time, they are turned into an Autonomous Prefecture.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo Federation cleans up the damage the Tsunami caused. The invasion of North Korea begins with a bang, and many Reimu Hakurei and Sanae Kochiya cosplayers are sent in to fight. However the fighting is dragged into a long stalemate.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic builds a Mamizou Futatsuiwa statue in Sado, a Toyosatomimi no Miko statue in Akita, a Byakuren Hijiri statue in Sapporo, and a Kasen Ibaraki statue in Yachiyo. More statues are planned in some other cities. Undefined Fantastic Object and Ten Desires become the official games of the nation, and Wild and Horned Hermit is made the official manga of the nation. Chinese is made an official language alongside Japanese. Elections are also held and Cheng Li-wen from Taiwan Prefecture becomes President of the Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo Federation continues to invade North Korea, and the stalemate is broken. The Reimu and Sanae cosplayers are doing a fine job in fighting against the North Korean military. Realising that the war is taking too long, Psy decides to join the war and preforms Gangnam Style to the North Koreans. As a result most of North Korea falls under control of Seoul-Tokyo except for North and South Pyongan Province, North and South Hwanghae Province, Chagang Province, and Pyongyang.

Previous map (2018-19)


  • Billund-Hamburg invades and annexes Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria, incorporates South France as several new states, and then launches an invasion of Italy.
  • Cascadia peacefully takes most Pacific Islands, New Guinea and New Zealand, and talks with Australia about a potential unification begin. Cascadia likes the Pacific extremely much, because it thinks all countries there are pacifist like Cascadia.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues building a few more statues. President Cheng Li-wen launches an invasion of Vietnam and Laos. The Shou Toramaru, Ichirin Kumoi, Minamitsu Murasa, and Kyouko Kasodani cosplayers are sent to fight against the Vietnamese and Lao military. South Vietnam and the Lao Provinces of Attapeu, Champasak, Salavan, and Sekong are conquered, while the rest of Vietnam and Laos continue to put up a decent fight.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo Federation continue fighting against North Korea, and conquers the rest of their provinces except Pyongyang itself. The Battle of Pyongyang is the most difficult, lasting for a good seven months. The war finally ends with Kim Jong-Un being captured and put to jail, and Pyongyang falls to Seoul-Tokyo.
  • Cascadia and Australia merge to form the Australiscadian Pacifist Federation, known as Australiscadia. The new country is the world's largest by area, and it is the first superpower in history to be neutral in international politics.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues its war against Vietnam and Laos. The Kyouko Kasodani cosplayers manages to hinder both the Lao and Vietnamese militaries by playing loud punk rock music. Soon by November all of Vietnam up to and including Thanh Hóa Province and all of Laos up to and including Bolikhamsai Province are conquered and annexed into Toyosatomimi-Byakuren.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo Federation begins talks with Thailand about a possible merge so to prevent them from being under control of the Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic. Meanwhile the Ryugyong Hotel has resumed construction. Infrastructure is heavily improved in the Northern Korea and new businesses are built.
  • Billund-Hamburg has captured all of Italy and the nearby microstates with the exception of the area from Rome to Napoli and everything in between. The pizza industry is shut down and all pizza bakers are kidnapped to Mont Blanc, forcing all citizens of Italy to climb the mountain to get pizza. This allows angry liberals to storm the two cities, execute the Pope, and raise the Billund-Hamburgian flag.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo Federation signs a unification treaty with Thailand in December, and the two nations merge to establish the Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok Federation, and Thai is added as an official language along with Korean and Japanese. The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok Won Yen Baht becomes the new currency of the nation. Thailand is able to keep its monarch within the Federation.


  • Billund-Hamburg invades and annexes Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro, and at the same time sends troops to Ireland. They convince Ireland that they are saving them from London, and they willingly join, so does Northern Ireland.
  • Billund-Hamburg bombs London with nuclear burgers, while convincing Scotland and Wales to join forces with them. Scotland, Wales, Northern England and Western England are annexed.
  • Australiscadia annexes Timor, Sulawesi and most other islands of Eastern Indonesia. On the other side of the Atlantic, Chile, Southern Argentina and the Falkland Islands are annexed.
  • Billund-Hamburg captures the rest of Great Britain, and renames itself to Germania as it now controls all Germanic countries of Europe.
  • Australiscadia becomes the greatest power in the Pacific, and expands its influence massively. Following the signing of treaties, the rest of Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and the Philippines join the country, and Australiscadia's peaceful ideology is praised by everyone. Australiscadia aims at uniting all of humanity.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic manages to conquer the rest of Vietnam and Laos, and annexes them. Cambodia is quickly invaded with full force and is conquered and annexed four months later.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok Federation prepares heavily for its next big thing. On the first day of March, many Reimu Hakurei cosplayers begin to smash through the border into China and begin fighting against the Chinese military. The war against China has begun.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic begins to fortify the border with Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok. President Cheng Li-wen begins new plans in aiming to unite the Buddhist and Taoist nations under one banner.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok Federation manages to conquer half of Manchukuo from China by November. Some Sanae Kochiya, Suwako Moriya, and Kanako Yasaka cosplayers are sent to fight in the war against China. This barely manages to help, as the Chinese also have Seiga Kaku and Hong Meiling cosplayers on their side to even the war out.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic launches a swift invasion of Singapore in October, and manages to conquer them in November, after having a few delays due to heavy thunderstorms in the area.

Previous map (2020-21)


  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok Federation continues its invasion of China, and have managed to conquer Mengjiang area and Hebei. The Battles of Beijing and Tianjin begin.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic invades Myanmar and manages to conquer and annex them four months later. Some more Buddhist Temples are built throughout the nation, while Taoist Temples are built in Taiwan and Tōhoku region.
  • Germania launches an invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, and because the region is very poor as a result of the crisis, it is quickly annexed. Germania now controls most of Europe, and many propose that the country is renamed to Europe, while conservatives in the country are furious of the continuous name change.
  • Having lost its patience over the course of the last 10 years, riots break out in Ankara, the Turkish government is overthrown, and Ankara is established as an independent nation. As the rest of Turkey has been thrown into chaos, Ankara quickly captures the rest of the country and renames itself to Turkey, trying to restore the former country. Taiyip Turk becomes the President.
  • Turkey has become nationalist and extremely expansionist, and it expands to all sides, conquering the Caucasus, Syria, Cyprus and Greece within a few months. Germania is worried about Turkey, and sees it as a major threat to its European unification project.
  • Germania says it will do what it can to protect Europe against the expansionist Turks, and after the signing of treaties, they annex Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria, whereas Albania refuses and becomes a Turkish ally.
  • Germania invades and annexes Romania and Moldova, and prepares for an invasion of the remaining European countries, which are Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Albania and Kosovo.
  • The city of Lanzhou declares independence from China as the Republic of Lanzhou. Yuan Zhanting is elected as President and the Lanzhou Yuan is made currency. The city invades and annexes Gansu and Xinjiang Provinces.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok Federation continue fighting the Chinese in Beijing and Tianjin. By November, both cities fall and are annexed into Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic begins secret plans to invade Russia, and are only after the Russian Far East. As a result much preparation is made.


  • Turkey, wanting to unite all Turkic nations, expands into Central Asia, annexing Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan over the course of a few months.
  • Germania annexes Albania and Kosovo, causing Turkey to declare war. A massive war breaks out over the control of the Balkans, but realizing that they both want to invade Russia, they put their disputes aside and form a temporary alliance known as the Germanian-Turkish Conspiracy Against Russia and Sphere of Influence Expansion Treaty Organization (GTCARSIETO). At the same time, they break the Guiness World Record for longest name of an organization and longest abbreviation. This is celbrated in both countries.
  • Germania and Turkey annex Ukraine together, slicing up the country between them, while Turkey also annexes Southern Russia, and Germania annexes Belarus. As a result of this, Germania finally renames itself to Europe.
  • The Republic of Lanzhou invades and annexes Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan, and Guangxi. Upon reaching the coast and coming into contact with the Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic, the nation decides to rename itself to Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic invades Russia and manages to conquer all the way up to but not including the Sakha Republic and Amur Oblast. At the last minute the nation decides that it's good enough land and leaves the rest of Russia alone.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok Federation continues its invasion of China, and manages to conquer parts of China shown in this map.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic President Yuan Zhanting offers to sell Xinjiang to Turkey in exchange for an non-aggression pact.
  • Turkey accepts the offer, annexes Xinjiang and signs a non-aggression treaty with Seiga Kaku Hermit.
  • Turkey launches an invasion of Mongolia and bordering federal subjects, fully annexing the entire country as well as Altai, Altai, Kemerova, Khakassia, Tuva and Buryatia after a month.

Previous map (2022-23)


  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic invades and annexes Guangdong, Guizhou, Chongqing, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Shaanxi, and Ningxia Provinces, except any parts that are under Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok control.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic invades and annexes Sri Lanka.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok Federation decides to stop their invasion of China and annexes what they already have. A few months later, Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok invades Malaysia and Brunei. Brunei is quickly conquered and annexed within a month. Malaysia falls and is annexed by the first week of December. In the second week, the nation is renamed to the Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Hsinking-Zhangjiakou-Beijing-Kuala Lumpur-Bandar Seri Begawan Federation. However the name is too long and is reverted back to Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok Federation. A new name for the nation continues to be debated in the Parliament for the time being.
  • Turkey and Europe continue their invasion of Russia. While Europe fights with Russian forces at the border to former Belarus and invades the Northwestern Federal District, Turkey joins forces with Islamic rebel groups of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, and invades federal subjects of Southern Russia. In order to make the map of the two countries better looking, Europe cedes one of the oblasts of former Ukraine to Turkey. After many months of fighting, the Greater Moscow Metropolis is completely surrounded by the combined forces of Europe and Turkey. Turkey decides that it doesn't want more of European Russia, and pulls out most of its troops and send them to Siberia instead, though a few soldiers stay to assist Europe.
  • Turkey spreads the word of a coming invasion of Siberia and the unification of all Turkic lands. The Sakha Republic, having already declared independence from Russia years ago when anarchy broke out, declares its support to Turkey, and together they invade and annex Irkutsk, Zabaykalsky and Amur, and Sakha also joins as a part of Turkey. Having now united most Turks under one banner, Turkey starts to spread the word of the rise of a pan-Turanic state, encompassing all Turkic and many Uralic lands.
  • Turkey sees the Japanese and Koreans as Altaic peoples and part of the greater Turanic people, and therefore they declare that they have no intension of attacking them, and they hope that Toyosatomimi-Byakuren and Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok won't attack them either. 
  • Australiscadia continues its massive expansion by signing treaties with Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, and to honor the Spanish-speaking peoples of the America's, Spanish is added as an official language. Brazil is no longer a functioning state, so Australiscadia joins forces with the remains of the former government and starts invading the vast region. Most parts of Brazil are captured within a few months, but fighting continues on the large cities of the East Coast.
  • The battles of Salvador, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are slow, long and bloody, but are eventually won by the coalition of Australiscadian forces and a friendly milita, and all of Brazil, except a small island. is annexed. Australiscadia declares nationwide mourning over the lives lost, but at the same time acknowledges that sacrifies must be made in order to fulfil the dream of uniting humanity. Portuguese is added as an official language.
  • New York requests that they are peaceably integrated into Australiscadia, on the condition that the name is changed to 'Free Humanity'. 
  • Whispers of a rebellion begin in London.


  • After some consideration, Australiscadia has decided to accept the offer, suggesting that the name of the country is changed to the Universal Pacifist Republic of Free Humanity (UPRFH). Preparation to annex New York begins.
  • Turkey goes on to annex the rest of Siberia, and is supported by the military of former Sakha and local militas from the Caucasus, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and the federal subjects of the Urals. After half a year, the entire region has been captured. Turkey is now a major energy power, being in control of lots of oil and natural gas, and billions of dollars are being invested in infrastructure to make the vast nation more connected to itself. High speed trains enable citizens to travel from anywhere to anywhere in the country in less than two hours. It is also decided, that Turkey should be renamed to Turkosiberia, as most Turkic, Uralic and Siberian people's are now under one banner.
  • Europe finally captures all federal subjects surrounding Moscow Oblast, and the final battle now begins in the center of the city itself. Many nations have before tried to capture all of Russia, including Sweden, Napoleon's France, Bismark's Germany and Nazi Germany, and they all failed, but this time it will succeed. At last, the city falls and all of Russia is now under the control of either Europe, Turkosiberia or Toyosatomimi-Byakuren. The common European-Turkish invasion of Russia is now completed, but as the war took years, Turkosiberia and Europe are now allies, and they prepare for an invasion of the Middle East and Africa.
  • Turkosiberia continues its vast expansion, focusing on the Middle East once again. The Levant Region, Iraq, Kuwait and Egypt are quickly annexed, and in order to prevent too many losses, Turkosiberia decides to forget about the central parts of the Peninsula, but insteads takes the coasts, securing the oil fields while surrounding the rest of Arabia and establishing it as a frontier region.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic invades and annexes the rest of China that's not under control by any nation. They also invade Bhutan and Nepal, but due to the mountains the invasion takes longer. By July both nations are conquered and annexed into the Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic. President Yuan Zhanting asks Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic for an alliance.
  • President Cheng Li-wen of the Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic accepts the Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic's offer of alliance. She also asks Turkosiberia for a non-aggression pact. Meanwhile, Bangladesh is invaded as there is a Buddhist minority in the nation, and is conquered by August.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok Federation invades and annexes the rest of Indonesia not under control by other nations. After much thought, the nation is renamed into the Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya Federation. President Naoki Inose also asks Turkosiberia for a non-aggression pact.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic invades and annexes Arunachal Pradesh. The capital is moved to Nanchang, and the currency is changed back to the Chinese Yuan.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya Federation invade Mauritius and Seychelles, and manage to quickly defeat and annex them by November.
  • Turkosiberia accepts the offers of signing non-aggression pacts, while starting a desperate bombing raid of Riyadh and central Arabia. At last, the city is completely destroyed, and all of Arabia is fully integrated into the vast empire.

Previous map (2024-25)


  • Australiscadia annexes all of New York, renames itself to the Universal Pacifist Republic of Free Humanity (UPRFH). elects Barack Obama III as its president and changes the currency to the Universal Dollar. Following the formation of Free Humanity, the rest of the America's are integrated into the nation, and a huge celebration starts throughout the country. This date, which is February 2nd, is declared a universal day, not a national day, but a universal day.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic launches an invasion of India, as there are Buddhist minorities in the nation. President Cheng Li-wen asks for the Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic to help and also offers to divide India. Meanwhile North-east and East India, except for Arunachal Pradesh, is conquered and annexed.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic accepts the offer and also invades India. Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, and Lakshadweep are conquered and annexed within eleven months. Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala continue to put up a good fight, especially with the Koishi Komeiji cosplayers helping out.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya Federation invades Comoros, Madagascar, and Mozambique. The nations are conquered and annexed within five months. Elections take place and Gong Minji from 2NE1 becomes President.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic invaders more of India and by the end of the year Chhattisgarh is conquered and annexed into the nation. Hinduism is soon added as an official religion just like Taoism and Buddhism.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya Federation decides to invade South Africa to prevent the Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic from taking control as there is a small Buddhist minority. South Africa is conquered and annexed by the end of November.
  • Turkosiberia launches an invasion of Iran, and pours troops into the country, capturing the western half of the country in 1 and a half month. They are unable to take the Eastern part right away as the Taliban has moved in from the Afghanistan and Pakistan. Seeing that Seiga Kaku Hermit is invading Western India, Turkosiberia suggests that they invade Eastern Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan together.
  • Mod event: Facing huge threats from both Turkosiberia and Seiga Kaku Hermit, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist and rebel groups form a single nation, ecnompassing Eastern Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The country is named the Caliphate of Kabulistan as Kabul is the capital. The constitution is based entirely on Sharia Law and Islam is the state religion.
  • Free Humanity, now with one of the largest armies on Earth, sends troops across the Atlantic, where they find a depopulated, war-mongering and anarchic Africa. The first countries to be annexed are Angola, Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome and Principe. From there, the massive army moves through Namibia, Gabon and Cameroon, capturing all of them in 3 months. Preparing to invade DR Congo, Zambia falls to Free Humanity following a month-long campaign, and in order to gain control of resources, Malawi is also annexed, securing the western bank of Lake Nyasa.
  • Turkosiberia halts its invasion of Kabulistan, and instead turns its focus towards Africa. Having already taken Egypt, the Turkish army quickly moves into Sudan, following the Nile River, eventually capturing all major populated areas and valuable resources. Denying non-citizens of Turkosiberia ccess to the Nile, they force the rest of Sudan and South Sudan to join the country. The same trick is used in Ethiopia, while the army captures Eritrea, Djibouti and after a long battle Somalia.
  • Free Humanity now launches an invasion of DR Congo, and sends even more troops to the region. The country has no government, but is split up between various different ethnic and tribal groups, some of which are not even known. Once again, the country is forced to use harsh methods and kill its enemies, and once again, nationwide mourning is declared. After months of battles, the rest of DR Congo is captured, and integrated into the country.


  • Free Humanity continues its massive expansion, launching an invasion of surrounding African nations. They decide to let Nigeria wait, while pouring troops into the Central African Republic and Chad. Like in DR Congo, they meet various tribal groups, but the population here is lower, and within a few months, all of the CAR and Chad are captured. They then invade and annex Niger and Benin, completely surrounding Nigeria.
  • Free Humanity launches an invasion of Nigeria, first taking the coastal region and Lagos, then moving through the country, then taking Abuja, and after a battle with thee Boko Haram terror group, the rest of Nigeria. They then rush along the coast, taking the capitals of Togo and Ghana, and again, after a battle with Islamic terror groups in the north, the rest of the countries. Following the takeover of all those French-speaking countries of Africa, French is added as an official.
  • London rebels force the Europeans out. They swiftly retake the city, then retreat into the underground network, and prepare to die with honour.
  • Europe, growing tired of what is happening in England, stops all plans of further expansion and instead sends thousands of troops to London, Manchester and other large English cities to patrol them and prevent acts of terror. The resistance in Northern England is little, and the few that are in Central England are quickly struck down. A large wall similar to the one that divided Berlin is build all around London, encircling the rebels and capturing them inside the city. Meanwhile, the troops put down the rest of the English rebellions by force, and now watches carefully for the rebels' next move.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues to invade India. Four months later, Puducherry (except Mahé), Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu are conquered and annexed.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic continues invading India. After five months, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Mahé, and Kerala are annexed and conquered. President Yuan Zhanting accepts Turkosiberia's offer of invading Kabulistan together, and is willing to begin whenever Turkosiberia is ready.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya Federation invades more of Africa, and conquers and annexes Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland within six months.
  • Turkosiberia pulls home most troops from Africa, and is ready to start invading Kabulistan. Turkosiberia suggests that while Turkosiberia takes the rest of former Iran, Afghanistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and the FATA, Seiga Kaku Hermit can take Pakistani Kashmir, Punjab and Sindh. Turkosiberia begins invading Kabulistan from the west and north, and expects Seiga Kaku Hermit to start from the east soon.
  • The London Rebels escape by taking one of the longer tunnels, under the wall, and then going to dover and walking the mantanence tunnel in the Channel Tunnel. They escape into France, and disappear off the map.
  • The lack of resistance in northern england was a ruse, and thousands of rebel families flee the cities, following the London Rebels to France. It is believed that the rebels are fleeing European land.
  • Some of the most prominent rebels are among the ones who escaped to France, and Europe publishes a new list of wanted criminals, and a decent amount of money will be awarded to citizens who capture the rebel leaders or share information that can lead to them. At the same time, they put down the rest of the riots in London, and though the wall remains, citizens are now allowed to leave the city, but there are still troops patrolling the city. Airport and public transport security is tigthened.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic President Yuan Zhanting accepts Turkosiberia s proposal of splitting the nation. The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic begins invading Kabulistan from the east.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya Federation invades Tanzania, and managed to conquer half of the nation by the end of the year.
  • Some of the most prominent rebels are among the ones who escaped to France, and Europe publishes a new list of wanted criminals, and a decent amount of money will be awarded to citizens who capture the rebel leaders or share information that can lead to them. At the same time, they put down the rest of the riots in London, and though the wall remains, citizens are now allowed to leave the city, but there are still troops patrolling the city. Airport and public transport security is tigthened.

Previous map (2026-27)


  • Kabulistan is fighting on three fronts: one against Turkosiberia to the west, one against Turkosiberia to the north and one against Seiga Kaku Hermit to the east. The combined effort makes Turkosiberia able to capture the rest of former Iran after a month and a half, and they then capture Baluchistan, securing the coast and surrounding Kabulistan. Southern Afghanistan falls after another two months, and so does Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the FATA. Kabulistan is now split in half, after a another five months have passed, the rest of Afghanistan falls and is annexed by Turkosiberia  Turkosiberia continues to fight a little with the Islamic rebel groups, and it will take many years to fully integrate the region into the nation.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya Federation conquers the rest of Tanzania, and begins invading Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Kenya. Rwanda and Burundi are conquered within three months, Uganda within five months, and Kenya within seven months. The nation is renamed once again, to the Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic manages to conquer and annex Pakistani Kashmir, Punjab and Sindh. The Islamic Rebel groups continue to be fought against, and will take a long while for the region to be fully part of the nation.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic begins an era of peace, but militarises the Toyosatomimi-Tokyo border even more.
  • Free Humanity launches an invasion of the rest of West Africa, starting off with capturing all large cities on the coast, then moving further inland, and at last, all of the countries are annexed with the exception of Northern Mali where the fight against the Tuaregs and the Islamic terrorist groups. This entire campaign takes 4 months, and Free Humanity now prepares to take the countries of the Sahel Region and North Africa.
  • The London rebels and the Northern Rebels unite. As a group, they slip through the border of European territory, and into Africa. They then use contacts from the former nation of New York, they procure some Ships, and flee to some of the islands in the Ocean around Australia, where they refuel, and continue on into the Pacific. They then form a nation on some of the Islands.
  • Free Humanity is aware of the escape of London Rebels from Europe, and has spotted some of their members in a small island in the Pacific. They contact the European government, and tell them to come check out the islands, which they immediately do. In a combined effort, most rebels are shot and killed, while the rest are captured, but they don't know if they got all of them. Europe apreciates what Free Humanity did to help them, and offers them a military alliance. Free Humanity, despite being pacifist, accepts the offer, and the two countries form the International Security Treaty Organization (ISTO).
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation peacefully annexes the unclaimed part of Antarctica, Marie Byrd Land.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic continues fighting against the Islamic rebel groups. Relations with Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic are improved.
  • Turkosiberia strucks down on the last of the Islamic rebel groups in former Kabulistan, and now turns its focus back to Africa. They suggest that Free Humanity, Turkosiberia and Europe join forces to invade the rest of Africa, which the other two accepts, and Turkosiberia joins the ISTO. In a combined effort, Turkosiberia is able to annex Libya, while Free Humanity ends its fight against Islamic rebel groups and annexes Mauritania, West Sahara and Southern Algeria, and Europe annexes Morocco, Northern Algeria and Tunisia.
  • All major war campaigns have now ended, and the three members of the ISTO promise each other that they will continue to support each other in case a new war breaks out, if terrorist attacks and rebel group actions become too excess, or if any new nations should rise in non-ISTO controlled territory. Billions of dollars are now invested in infrastructure: high-speed trains, most of them vaccuum trains, connect all parts of all three countries to each other, enabling citizens to travel from anywhere to anywhere in any of the countries in less than 5 hours. Three massive tunnels are build across the Atlantic: one from New York City to London, one from Salvador to Lagos, and one from Sao Paulo to Luanda. These three tunnels establish the first ever direct connection between the America's, Europe and Africa. Similar tunnels are build across all other major oceans and seas, with the exception of the vast Pacific, though a tunnel is build from Australia to New Zealand and one from the Philippines to Sulawesi to Timor to Australia.


  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic begins investing in technology. Meanwhile the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are peacefully annexed into the nation. Alternate fuels are also invested in, as well as solar power.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic also begins investing in technology. A space station begins to be built near Qingyuan. The rest of the Islamic rebels are defeated.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation improves infrastructure. The Japan-Korea Underseas Tunnel begins construction.
  • The remander or the London rebels flee to another island, far out to sea, in unchartered water, where the Europeans will never find them. They begin to expand the population.
  • After a series of transformative spiritual and biological events, cats become more perceptive and sentient beings. Then they form a human-like inteligent species, later uniting from all parts of the world, developing a global language and settling colonies in the Antartican peninsula, claiming it as a legitimate cat territory.
  • The ISTO is concerned about the rise of sentient cats, as they see cats as being extremely powerful even if they're not sentient. Cat videos and pictures flood the internet, and the ISTO sees it as cat propaganda intending to brainwash citizens and turn them into cat-loving zombies. The ISTO therefore strongly suggests that the rest of the world's countries joins the organization and forms a coalition against the sentient cats.
  • Turkosiberia to Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa (SECRET): We would like to gain access to the Pacific, and the only way of doing so is gaining land from either you or Toyosatomimi-Byakuren. Seeing that you and Toyosatomimi-Byakuren have rather bad relations, we suggest that our two nations invade the country together. I get the Russian Far East, Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, and you get the rest of the country. What do you say?

Previous map (2028-29)


  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic joins the ISTO. The space station near Qingyuan continues to be built.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic also joins the ISTO. Solar Power and Alternate fuel sources continue to be invested in.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation continues to build the Japan-Korea undersea tunnel, and joins the ISTO. (SECRET): President Gong Minji, instead of invasion, offers to sell Indonesia and the rest of Borneo to Turkosiberia.
  • (SECRET) Turkosiberia accepts the offer from Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa, and pays to be allowed to annex Indonesia and Borneo, gaining access to the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
  • The Global Republic of the Cats (GRC) troops invade all scientific stations in Antarctica and the researchers flee scared of the sentient cat armies. GRC is now a massive nation settled in the entire white continent. The former stations of Fossil Bluff (renamed to Felinia), Filehner, Molodezhnaya and Commonwealth Bay became the largest cities in the country. Due to the technologies of underground estabilshments and advanced calefaction, the habitants can support the cold weather.
  • London Rebels have discovered that the island on which they reside used to belong to an evil super villain. They discover a computer that can manipulate the weather, but cannot turn it on. Then someone discovers that it is not plugged in. With extreme care, they start a tropical storm in the Atlantic, and guide it into Europe. This is untraceable.
  • Free Humanity is the first nation to discover that a tropical storm has been formed in the Atlantic, and they quickly alarm Europe, which immediately starts to evacuate citizens in the area that is thought to be hit. However, tropical storms usually form in North America, and their remains move towards Europe, so a tropical storm heading straight for Europe is very unusual. It is suspected that weather control is involved, and that the London Rebels are somehow responsible. Knowing that the London Rebels previously hided in the Pacific, the combined marine forces of all ISTO members are sent into the Pacific to investigate every single island to find every last member of the London Rebels.
  • Intercepting the Free Humanity message, the London rebels retreat deep into the base, and activate stealth mode, in which the island sinks under water, and air is moved in and out of it by a pseudo volcano surrounded by other volcanoes. The tropical storm alters course, and hits the European Evacuees, as they flee the predicted area hit. A hurricane is detected heading to north America, but it was not caused by London. This does not stop them aiming it at the major cities however. The whole computer is untraceable, so anything done from it is untraceable.


  • Free Humanity is now prepared to do anything to stop the London Rebels, which is declared the most dangerous terrorist group in the history of the planet. After evacuating all major Pacific islands, a satellite is launched into space, and right over the Pacific Ocean, an explosion occurs, causing an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to hit the islands. All technology on the Pacific islands is fried in the process, and cannot be rebuild. This ultimately destroys the weather machine, and all other strange technologies that might hide on islands in the Pacific. 
  • Free Humanity to Turkosiberia: Why did you keep the purchase of the rest of Indonesia and Borneo a secret? We are allies, and should not keep secrets from one another. And why would you want access to the Pacific yourself, when your ally has?
  • Turkosiberia to Free Humanity: It is our right as a nation, to expand our influence and make advancements. This time, in order to make those advancements, we needed access to the Pacific, and knowing that you would most likely object, we kept it a secret. We like you as an ally, but not as a big brother. We are still independent, and you can't tell us what to do.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation halts construction for the Japan-Korea undersea tunnel. With Kyushu, Shikoku, and Southern Honshu being effected by the EMP for some reason, major protests occur in the islands. The Judicial Government is moved from Tokyo to Incheon. Luckily the main capital, being in Cheongju, is unaffected. President Gong Minji wonders how she could bring technology back to the Japanese islands. Any negative relations with the Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic are nullified, and relations begin to improve as the military and cosplayers is moved away from the Toyosatomimi-Tokyo border.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues to invest in Solar Power and Alternate fuel sources. The EMP, for some reason, affected Okinawa, Northern Honshu, Hokkaido, and Taiwan. Taiwan, Okinawa, and Hokkaido sees only peaceful protests by the Buddhists. In Northern Honshu, the Taoists and Shintoists protest. Soon, President Cheng Li-wen moves the capital from Asahikawa to Hanoi. She also asks for advice and help to recover technology for the Japanese islands and Taiwan. Any negative relations with Tokyo are nullified, and relations begin to improve as the military and cosplayers are moved away from the Toyosatomimi-Tokyo border.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic manages to finish building the space station near Qingyuan. Space shuttles are built, and plans to explore Mars are made.

Previous map (2030-31)


  • Free Humanity is sorry that Japan, Taiwan and other highly populated areas were affected by the EMP, as it was only intended to hit our own islands in the Pacific to destroy the London Rebels' weather machine. We will sent aid immediately to help you rebuild what was destroyed. But we have to do everything we can to combat the terrorists.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation President Gong Minji understands about doing anything to combat the terrorists, and realises that the EMP wasn't meant to hit Japan. She accepts the aid from Free Humanity. The rebuilding begins.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues to invest in Solar Power and Alternate fuel sources. President Cheng Li-wen also understands, and accepts aid from Free Humanity. The Buddhists in Taiwan and Hokkaido, and the Taoists and Shintoists in Northern Honshu, ends their protests and apologises. Asahikawa is again made as the official capital of the nation, with Hanoi being the second official capital. Rebuilding also begins.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic manages to finish building the space station near Qingyuan. Space shuttles continue to be built. Aid is sent to both the Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic and the Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation.
  • Free Humanity has been watching how things developed on Antarctica for some years now, and have come to the conclusion that they must do something to stop the sentient cats. Free Humanity declares war on the GRC, and sends millions of troops to Antarctica to deal with the cats, but many soldiers die of cuteness overload, making the task extremely difficult. Also, for the sake of the environment, Free Humanity doesn't want to use too violent weapons such as weapons of mass destruction, but instead uses regular weapons. After some research however, a special mask is designed for all soldiers to wear, making them immune to cuteness overload.


  • Although the loss of the Weather Machine was a blow, the London rebels are delighted to have found some gauss weapons in the Supervillains locker. The raft they used to get on the island is put to good use, and with Gauss weaponry, a fisherman is killed, and his boat stolen. With the boat, they are able to make more of them, and make them more efficient. The London rebels are now pirates, operating from a secret base, with stealthy ships, with a range of several thousand km, and not in a circle around the base either.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation continues to rebuild Japan.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues to invest in Solar Power and Alternate fuel sources, and continues rebuilding Japan and Taiwan. The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic also invades and conquers the unclaimed Kerguelen Islands.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic manages to finish building the space station near Qingyuan. Space shuttles continue to be built. Zhuhai city is merged into Macau to form the city of Zhuhai-Macau.
  • Two truck bombs explode inside the Salvador-Lagos Tunnel, causing serious damage to the construction, and killing 37 people. An Islamic terrorist group claims to be responsible, demanding that Free Humanity gives independence to all Islamic countries of Africa. It is revealed that the terrorist group is connected to Turkosiberia, which it denies, but soon it turns out that most Islamic terrorist groups of West Africa, Indonesia and the Philippines have received funding from Turkosiberia, and as a result, the country is suspended from the ISTO and relations between it and the rest of the members become strained.
  • Spies from the GRC successfully infiltrate into Free Humanity cities, stealing and destroying most of their army's special masks. Also, the GRC government organizes a campaign for recruiting citizens to the Cuteness Army (CA), a brigade specialized in cute attack and defense.
  • Turkosiberia starts to infiltrate the governments of Europe and Free Humanity, while increasing its funding to Islamic rebels in the countries, and trying to make connections with the London Rebels. A new type of bomb called a Tsunami Bomb explodes in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, creating a large tsunami heading for large cities in Europe and Free Humanity. The two countries are poorly prepared, and 250.000 people die, while all cities on the North American East Coast and the European West Coast suffer great damage, and cities in northern South America and West Africa are also affected. Turkosiberia secretly contacts the London Rebels, offering to help them regain control of England, but says that they have to move out of the Pacific, as Turkosiberia is planning on detonating another Tsunami Bomb. 
  • The London rebels are unwilling to trust the Turkosiberians, but, worried about this 'Tsunami Bomb', they retreat into the secret underwater base, and hide it even lower. A Londonian diplomat is sent to Turkosiberia secretly, but has a cyanide bomb implanted into his brain, so that if he tries to tell them where the base is, willingly or not, he dies instantly.
  • Free Humanity builds several new tunnels: one from Miami, Florida to Dakar, Senegal, one from Cayenne, Guiana to Dakar, Senegal, and one from Merida, Mexico to Cape Coral, Florida. Free Humanity suggests that additional tunnels are build from Cape Town, South Africa to Perth, Australia, from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Perth, Australia, and from Dar es Salaam to Mangalore. Preparation to build these structures begin, and Free Humanity intends to build them if the governments of other countries approve.


  • Turkosiberia tells the London Rebels that a tsunami bomb will be detonated within 3 days, so either they leave or figure out some way to defend themselves against the tsunami. Turkosiberia plans on devastating coastal cities in the region, so that it becomes much easier to invade Free Humanity's possessions in the Pacific. Turkosiberia offers Australia to the London Rebels, if they agree on an alliance.
  • London accepts, but secretly, we send an elite force of 200 troops, all with the cyanide bombs and Gauss weapons. We cannot spare anymore. We are safe for the tsunami, don't worry about that.
  • A tsunami bomb explodes in the middle of the Pacific, causing little harm to the EMP-affected islands, but devastating coastal cities in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Borneo, the Philippines, Japan, the Russian Far East and the Western coast of the America's, and killing more than 500,000 people in total. Turkosiberia then launches an invasion of Free Humanity's possessions in the Pacific, first taking Borneo, the Philippines, the the rest of Indonesia and New Guinea within one and a half months, and then taking all Pacific islands through a quick island hopping. Free Humanity and Europe have already sent troops to the region, trying to regain the lost areas and protect Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand falls to Turkosiberia within a few weeks, and after two months, large parts of Northern and Western Australia are controlled as well. An intense battle continues in Eastern Australia, where the largest cities and the capital are located.
  • Free Humanity and Europe combine their forces and try to push Turkosiberia out of Europe and Africa, but as the London Rebels and most Islamic terror groups are now allied with the country, this is very hard. Turkosiberia loses Libya to Europe, but together with the Islamic rebel groups of West Africa, they take back Southern Libya, as well as Southern Algeria, Northern Niger and Chad. The battle also rages on in Europe, as some of the London Rebels have been sent to England with their weapons and try to take back their land, while Turkey is well able to defend its own land.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation continues to rebuild Japan. Clean up and aid is sent out to help those affected by the Tsunami. President Gong Minji agrees to Free Humanity's proposal of building tunnels.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues to invest in Solar Power and Alternate fuel sources, and continues rebuilding Japan and Taiwan. Clean up and aid is sent out to help those affected by the Tsunami. Plans to recover Rama's Bridge are made, along with building a tunnel to connect Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic manages to finish building the space station near Qingyuan. Space shuttles continue to be built. President Yuan Zhanting agrees to Free Humanity's proposal of building tunnels and will help them build it.

Previous map (2032-34)


  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues to invest in Solar Power and Alternate fuel sources, and continues rebuilding Japan and Taiwan. The Kerguelen Islands are peacefully annexed.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation continues to rebuild Japan.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic begins on building a few more space stations. Space shuttles continue to be built. The city of Zhuhai-Macau begins Land reclamation again from the South China Sea.
  • Free Humanity and Europe are rebuilding their cities from the tsunamies in the Atlantic and the Pacific, and send financial aid to help Seiga Kaku Hermit, Toyosatomimi-Byakuren and Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa rebuild as well. As a result of the tsunamis, the capital of Free Humanity has been relocated to Chicago, and after the signing of a treaty in the city, Europe joins Free Humanity. This way they can combine their strenght against Turkosiberia, the London Rebels and Islamic rebel groups.
  • The Battle of Sydney takes place in Australia, as Turkosiberia has now captured most of the continent. Free Humanity, wanting to focus more on the situation in Europe and Africa, withdraws from Australia, and sends all remaining troops to Europe and Africa. This results in a Turkosiberian victory in Sydney, and the rest of Australia as well as Hawaii is annexed. Free Humanity also abandones its missions in GRC, ending the war with the sentient cats, and sends all troops to Europe and Africa. The American continent is largely safe, as the missile defense system there is much more advanced than that of Europe and is almost impossible to hack, and therefore will defend the continent against any threats.
  • In Europe, Turkosiberia is pushed out of mainland Greece, while a major battle continues in Istanbul and the southern part of former European Russia. Meanwhile in Africa, Turkosiberia rushes through the Saharan region with the help of the many Islamic rebel groups, and major battles occur all over West Africa. Free Humanity desperately asks for help from the massive armies of Seiga Kaku Hermit, Toyosatomimi-Byakuren and Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa, even though it means breaking their agreements with Turkosiberia.
  • The 200 London Rebels easily destroy the European Forces in London, and move south. A battle ensues in the Channel Tunnel, but this ends when a Londonian Submarine blows it up, and the 200 swim into the Submarine.

Previous map (2035)


  • The GRC is now building a great railroad network, with high-tech fast underground trains. It is also building several airports in its cities and towns. This entire transportation system, which is distributed through whole Antarctica is becoming the largest and one of most advanced in the world.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues to invest in Solar Power and Alternate fuel sources, and continues rebuilding Japan and Taiwan. President Cheng Li-wen declares neutrality, as the Buddhists in the nation would rather be at peace.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic begins on building a few more space stations. Space shuttles continue to be built. The city of Zhuhai-Macau begins Land reclamation again from the South China Sea. President Yuan Zhanting also declares neutrality as it's ally, Toyosatomimi-Byakuren, is declaring neutrality.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation continues to rebuild Japan. President Gong Minji decides to help Free Humanity and declares war against Turkosiberia. Soon the invasion begins and the military storms into Turkosiberia via the Africa and Mongolia borders.
  • The GRC tries by the first time to talk diplomatically with another nations. It sends emissaries to all nations including Free Humanity. The great leader Simba the Cat is going negotiate a peace treaty with Free Humanity's leader Barack Obama III. GRC to Free Humanity: This war is not benefiting our pacific peoples. Do you want to make peace?
  • Free Humanity to GRC: Our people is also pacifist, but sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve world peace. We will make peace with you, as Turkosiberia and their rebel allies are a great threat to the entire world, and we need as much help as we can get. Our scientists have already started working on a kitten cannon, and with your help, we can create a weapon that neutralizes enemies through cureness overload.
  • Turkosiberia is unprepared for war against Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa, as most Turkosiberian troops are currently in Eastern Europe and West Africa, fighting against Free Humanity. This allows Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa to capture pars of Mongolia and Manchuria, while in cooperation with Free Humanity, capturing parts of former South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. Free Humanity then launches a major offensive in North Africa, capturing the Libyan and Egyptian northern coasts, and after a long battle, Cairo falls, and Free Humanity captures the Suez Channel, thus physically splitting Turkosiberia in half. They then move across the Nile, capturing large parts of Egypt and Sudan, and as they also capture Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia, there is no way that Turkosiberia can get anything in or out of West Africa.
  • Turkosiberia is in serious trouble: almost a third of their troops are surrounded by enemy forces in the middle of Africa, and the rest of the army is fighting at two fronts, thousands of miles apart, at the same time. Free Humanity captures Istanbul, and with the help of some Israeli and Christian rebel groups, they capture the entire coast of the original Turkish territory, as well as large parts of the Levant and the Caucasus. Free Humanity also allies itself with a Kurdish rebel group, and takes the entire Kurdistan region, thus encircling central Anatolia and the Turkosiberian capital, Ankara. Meanwhile, the battle continues in Britain.
  • However, seeing the way the war is going, the Londonian Troops are pulled out, and take with them another 50,000 new recruits, all of them given the cyanide bombs, in case they are spies. Britain has been left wide open for attack.

Previous map (2036)


  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic continues building a few more space stations. Space shuttles continue to be built. The city of Zhuhai-Macau continues land reclamation from the South China Sea. Meanwhile some Seiga Kaku cosplayers, some Taoists, some Chinese, and some Indians begin invading Turkosiberia. President Yuan Zhanting, realising that some people are invading Turkosiberia for their own free will, decides to officially declare war against Turkosiberia and begins the actual invasion.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues to invest in Solar Power and Alternate fuel sources, and continues rebuilding Japan and Taiwan. Despite the Taoists, Hindus, and Shintoists wanting to join this war, the Buddhists manage to convince them that there is no need and no point. The Buddhists manage to keep the nation neutral and peaceful.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation continues to rebuild Japan. The invasion of Turkosiberia continues, aiming to push them out of the Horn of Africa and obtaining more of Siberia. Meanwhile the navy begins storming into Indonesia and Borneo, aiming to reclaim the islands and aiming to get more of Indonesia if its okay.
  • The combined forces of Free Humanity and Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa successfully push Turkosiberia out of the Horn of Africa, and Turkosiberia now abandons all missions in Africa. However, almost a third of their troops are now stranded in the middle of Africa, still fighting alongside the Islamic rebel groups, but the lack of supplies has weakened them, and both they and the rebel groups are running out of ammonition. Free Humanity now launches a last major offensive in Africa, and after three months, all Turkosiberian troops and Islamic rebel groups have been defeated, and all of Africa is now under allied occupation.
  • Scientists working closely together with the GRC have finally finished building a kitten cannon, and mass production of the weapon immediately begins. Half a million troops are deployed in Western Europe to fight against the London Rebels, and they are all armed with kitten cannons, and all enemies they encounter are neutralized and/or killed by cuteness overload. However,it appears that the London Rebels have completely left the area. Several thousand troops stay to guard London, while the rest are sent to the Middle East to fight against Turkosiberia.
  • Turkosiberia is unprepared for what is happening in Asia, and as large parts of the Turkosiberian land in Asia has been left completely defenseless, it is easy for Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa to take back Sumatra and Borneo, and to annex parts of Mongolia, Manchuria and Siberia; while Seiga Kaku Hermit captures large parts of Central Asia. Meanwhile, Ankara falls to Free Humanity along with the rest of Anatolia and further parts of the Arab Peninsula. As a result of all this, the Turkosiberian capital is relocated to Astana.
  • Simba the Cat officially declares war on Turkosiberia. Then a number of cat troops (including CA's troops) go in an attempt to invade Australia and New Zealand. In about two weeks they successfully occupy Tasmania and New Zealand South Island, but they don't manage to attack Southeastern Australia and New Zealand North Island.

Previous map (2037)


  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic continues building a few more space stations. Space shuttles continue to be built. The city of Zhuhai-Macau continues land reclamation from the South China Sea. The invasion of Turkosiberia continues, pushing more into Central Asia.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues to invest in Solar Power and Alternate fuel sources, and continues rebuilding Japan and Taiwan.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation continues to rebuild Japan. The invasion of Turkosiberia continues, storming more into Siberia, while the navy continues invading Indonesia.
  • Free Humanity launhes an invasion of the rest the Middle East together with Seiga Kaku Hermit. First, they capture most of the coast of the Arab Peninsula, securing all major oil fields, and after a victory at the Battle of Riyadh, the rest of the Arab Peninsula is captured. A major battle then takes place in Tehran, and after an allied victory, Free Humanity moves on to capture other large cities in the country. Meanwhile, Seiga Kaku Hermit captures the rest of Afghanistan and enters Iran from the east, and after a victory at the Battle of Mashhad, the two countries capture the rest of Iran, while Free Humanity takes the Caspian coast.
  • GRC is investing heavily in war technology and warfare in general. By the end of the year, it manages to capture Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and the rest of New Zealand, as well as some Pacific islands.
  • The London Rebels rename themselves 'Free States of the Pacific' or FSP
  • FSP sends diplomats, in the same untraceable way, to the GRC, offering an alliance.
  • Free Humanity's troops cross the Ural Mountains, the last major natural defense of Turkosiberia, and they all have special armor protecting them from the Siberian Winter. First, the northern coast falls to Free Humanity, which then launches a major offensive in Central Asia. As Astana and other major cities such as Ashgabat, Bishkek and Tashkent fall after bloody battles, the Turkosiberian capital is once again relocated, this time to a city in the middle of Siberia, Novosibirsk. Free Humanity now controls the Ural Mountain Range, leaving Turkosiberia completely defenseless, and large parts of the country are captured by Free Humanity, while Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkong-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa captures large parts of Eastern Siberia.
  • Turkosiberia was completely defenseless against the GRC, and has now lost the most populous areas of Australia. As Jakarta and Manila fall to Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa, Turkosiberia pulls home as many troops as it can, completely abandoning its Southern lands. The rest of Indonesia and the Philippines, as well as former Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands are quickly captured by Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa, while Free Humanity recaptures Hawaii and most Pacific islands, and the rest of Australia falls to the GRC. The war now only continues in Siberia.

Previous map (2038)


  • Fighting continues in Siberia, and both Free Humanity, Seiga Kaku Hermit and Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa are capturing more and more land. A major battle takes place in Krasnoyarsk, and it is won by Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa. The final battle, the Battle of Novosibirsk, concludes the end of World War 3, as an allied victory paves the way for the capture of the rest of Turkosiberia. The victory is celebrated across the globe, and the date, May 12, is declared a national holiday in Free Humanity.

Previous map (mid-2039)

  • Free Humanity to everyone: In the process of fighting this war, almost all of us have lost and gained land. In order to prevent future wars and conflicts over territory, we suggest that a treaty is signed in a chosen city between the countries of the world, solving any disputes that might be and establishing an era of peace. We are also willing to recognize the independence of the FSP, if the London Rebels agree on stopping their violent actions.
  • FSP accepts these terms, but still refuuse to disclose their location, or hand in their weapons, as they don't trust Free Humanity.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues to invest in Solar Power and Alternate fuel sources. President Cheng Li-wen chooses the city of Sado to sign the treaty.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic continues building a few more space stations. Space shuttles continue to be built. The city of Zhuhai-Macau continues land reclamation from the South China Sea. President Yuan Zhanting also agrees on Sado. He would like Mongolia and most of China from Tokyo, but will allow Tokyo to keep Manchukuo.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation continues to rebuild Japan. President Gong Minji was leaning towards Seoul, but she chooses Sado as well. She agrees to President Yuan Zhanting in giving Mongolia and most of Northern China back, and keeps Manchukuo.
  • Free Humanity to everyone: Sado has been chosen as the city for the signing of the treaty. We will let Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa take the rest of the Russian Far East, Irkutsk, Buryatia and Zabaykalsky, all of the Malay Archipelago and New Guinea, and the Horn of Africa. We will let Seiga Kaku Hermit take Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and small parts of Eastern Uzbekistan. Finally, we will let the GRC keep Antarctica, New Zealand and Australia, and recognize the indepedence of the FSP.


  • The Treaty of Sado is signed between Free Humanity, Toyosatomimi-Byakuren, Seiga Kaku Hermit, Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa, the Global Republic of Cats and the Free States of the Pacific. Here they agree on the borders proposed by Free Humanity, and hopefully enter an age of peace.
  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues to invest in Solar Power and Alternate fuel sources. The Buddhists, Taoists, Shintoists, and Hindus also hope for a peaceful future.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic continues building a few more space stations. Space shuttles continue to be built. Technology begins to be invested in.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation continues to rebuild Japan. Meanwhile a new name for the nation begins to be debated upon.
  • Free Humanity establishes a space fleet, and starts to prepare for manned missions to the Moon and Mars. Space tourism is starting to become normal among the citizens of Free Humanity, as heavy government funding has made it a lot more effecient and affordable. Underwater tunnels that were damaged during the war are rebuild, and a nation-wide high-speed rail netowrk is established, allowing citizens to travel from anywhere to anywhere within 3 hours. Free Humanity also faces out coal, oil and natural gas, and by establishing gigantic solar and wind farms, they expect to be independent of fossil fuels within the next 3 years.
  • The GRC accepts FSP's alliance offer. As a diplomatic act, the GRC yields the Tasmania island to FSP, making it their official territory.
  • Although the advanced technology of the GRC before the end of World War III, it don't had enough food for its population, because Antarctica don't have much natural resources of food (meat and fish in the case); circa 95% of food in GRC was from exports and this was not enough to feed its 1 billion cats, so it let the country poor and starving. But it is changing now with the capture of naturally very rich regions like Australia and New Zealand, which have enough meat and fishes to feed the cats and many other resources to be exported. The only problem now is to deal with human populations living in these lands, as it is completely inappropriate to humans live in a cat country and there are c. 30 million humans there. Many of them move to another countries and those who stay settle isolated communities inside the country.
  • We open Tasmania's borders to the Previous Australians and New Zealanders. We create enough space for them by creating vast underground Cities.

Previous map (2040)


  • The Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic continues to invest in Solar Power and Alternate fuel sources. Some electric-run buses and vehicles are built.
  • The Seiga Kaku Hermit Republic continues building a few more space stations. Space shuttles continue to be built.
  • The Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation continues to rebuild Japan. A new name for the nation continues to be debated upon, with no success.