Hello. My name is TacoCopper, and I saw the first map game here, and that is how I got to Alternative History. Anyways, I came back, and saw that still, the map games on this site have gone like Ron Paul's 2012 election, it just hasn't ignited yet. So I am creating this one. The idea is that America, China, and the EU have collapsed due to debt problems or internal conflict. Now, mulitple states have arisened across the world, and are fighting for survival, land, or power. Hope you enjoy


One nation per player.

Be plausible- You can't be Luexembourg and take over the entire world in two minutes with Dinosaurs in the background (though, that might make a great movie, or not.)

Game starts in 2015

Each turn is a year.

Don't expand two much.

Their is a war algorithm. It will be on the talk page.]

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