By the Mid 2020s, America was the world's largest economy as well as a leading figure in world politics. The Confederate States, whose government was based on Republican principals was falling apart. Many of the younger citizens, began studying in the United States, where it was cheaper to get educated. The people became exposed to ideas originally considered un-patriotic in their country.

The Left-Wing Movements

Because of the collapsing nation, the poorer confederates turned to left-wing movements as a way of fixing the situation. In March 2030, Occupy veteran Daniel Ballinsky met with a group of young Floridans at the University of Miami. They Organized a protest demanding higher wages and a better way of life. Soon, Floridans began abandoning Republican Principals. By June of 2030, 49% of Floridans Supported the Occupy Florida Movement and similar movements gained huge support in the Once Conservative Nation

2031 Presidential Election, Mid-term elections and a New Era

In 2031, Most of the Confederacy supported some sort of left-wing movement. Only the super rich and those who had no issues with income supported the Republican Party. Michael Carter Lewis, who had returned from the US after working with the democratic party, announced the establishment of the Confederate Democratic Party. He was elected by 82% of the population as President.

The Confederate Democratic Party took control of the House and Senate.

In 2032, Carter Lewis, passed Bills mirrored after FDR'S New Deal. The corporate tax rate was raised to 70%, the government, like the US government, took a left-ward shift.

American Reunification

By 2033, the Confederacy had become a "clone" of what the US was at the time and at this point, the idea of reunification was first discussed in the US Senate. The issue however, was controversial in the confederacy. Many wanted to maintain their nation's independence or at least be self-governing. The issue was put on a Referendum and 82% of the population voted for the nation to become a "self-governing region" in the United States while 17% voted to re-join the Union and 1% wanted to be independent completely.

On June 1, 2034, the Confederate States was formally dissolved and the nation became the "The Self-Governing region of Dixie." Florida however alongside Virginia, The Carolinas and Georgia, where most the 17% who supported total reunification lived, were re-admitted as states. at this point, the republican supporters migrated to Texas, which has become a third-world nation.

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