The restoration of the monarchy in Brazil occurred through a plebiscite held in October 2022.


United Kingdom of Portugal Brazil and Algarve (1815-1822)Edit

The Brazilian Imperial Family was founded in 1815, from the House of Braganza. The Portuguese nobility fled to Brazil, the largest of its colonies during the Peninsula War. Once there, the family founded the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarve. This kingdom had two kings, D. Maria I and D. John VI.

Empire of Brazil (1822-1889)Edit

On September 7, 1822, D. Peter I began operating the War of Independence, which lasted two years until 1824. The independence was fully recognized in 1825. From there, he founded the Empire of Brazil, one of the greatest powers of the 19th century. The Emperor was one of the most respected entities in the world, the Navy of Brazil was the second most advanced in the World, Brazil was the 11th largest empire the world.

Republic of United States of Brazil (1889-1968)Edit

In 1889, Deodoro da Fonseca led a military coup that overthrew proclaimed the republic and the monarchy, forcing the Imperial Family to leave the country. During this period, Brazil was less and less respected internationally, and their quality of living fell dramatically. During the Cold War in 1964, several soldiers overthrew the populist presidential system and established a military dictatorship, which was one of the saddest and most terrible periods of history. The official name of Brazil was changed to Federative Republic of Brazil in 1968.

Federative Republic of Brazil (1968-2023)Edit

The military dictatorship was abolished in 1985. After that, Brazil has become a third world and emergent country. In 1993, a plebiscite was to legalize the republic or restore the monarchy. The people chose a republic with 87% of the vote. For decades following Brazil entered into a Party War, in which politicians were fighting for the presidency. But there was much corruption. The compulsory voting was abolished in Brazil in 2018 after a series of protests. In October 2023, we performed a second referendum to decide the form of government in the country. After several campaigns, the republic was overthrown by plebiscite. The government was restored in January 2023. The presidents have become prime ministers and various socialist and communist parties have disappeared.

New Empire of Brazil (2023-)Edit

The plebiscite restored the monarchy and founded the New Empire of Brazil. Dom Rafael de Alcantara de Orléans e Bragança e Ligne was the first emperor of the New Empire.

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