Republican Party Presidential Primaries, 2032
2028January 4 to June 26 2036

Nominee Paul Ryan Bobby Jindal Rand Paul
Party Republican Republican Republican
Home state Wisconsin Louisiana Kentucky
States carried 36 15 0
Popular vote 13,587,704 3, 425,255 1, 243,740
Percentage 53% 34% 13%


  • Paul Ryan, U.S. Representative from Wisconsin since 1999, 2012 Vice-Presidential candidate, presidential candidate in 2016 and in 2024 (Nominee)
  • Bobby Jindal, U.S. Senator from Louisiana since 2021, Governor of Louisiana from 2007 to 2015
  • Rand Paul, U.S. Senator from Kentucky since 2011

Eight years after his loss to Jon Huntsman in the 2024 primaries in second position, Paul Ryan makes another bid for President. He's seen as the favorite GOP candidate in the primaries. His main challengers are Bobby Jindal, Senator from Louisiana, and Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky. There are 2300 delegates to be chosen. To win the Republican Presidential nomination, a candidate must win 1150 delegates. During his campaign, Paul Ryan runs on his experience in economy and in budget and on his past as Vice-Presidential nominee twenty years ago. Bobby Jindal attacks Ryan for being the running mate of a losing presidential candidate. Ryan replied by saying that despite the fact he was the running mate of James M. Cox, a losing presidential candidate from the Democratic Party in 1920, Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the presidency twelve years later. Jindal replied by saying « Congressman, you are no Franklin Delano Roosevelt! ». In the beginning of the race, the electors' choice between Paul Ryan and Bobby Jindal is tough. These two candidates are the clear front runners in the 2032 primaries. Paul Ryan wins the Republican nomination in early April, two months before John P. Kennedy III gets the Democratic nomination. He won 1566 delegates, 37 states and 53 % of the popular vote. He selects Suzana Martinez, former Governor of New Mexico, as his running mate to win more Hispanic votes. The Republican National Convention is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 


Paul Ryan - 1566 delegates, 37 states, 53 % of the popular vote

Bobby Jindal - 784 delegates, 14 states, 34 % of the popular vote

Rand Paul - 53 delegates, 0 state, 13 % of the popular vote