Republican Party Presidential Primaries, 2040
2036January 8 to June 25 2044

Nominee Bobby Jindal Scott Walker Ben Quayle
Party Republican Republican Republican
Home state Louisiana Wisconsin Arizona
States carried 45 + DC 4 2
Popular vote 14,776,884 3, 424,153 1, 241,437
Percentage 63% 24% 13%

The 2040 Republican primaries are held between January 8th and June 25th of this year. Senator of Louisiana Bobby Jindal is chosen as the Republican presidential candidate over former Governor Scott Walker and Ben Quayle, former Representative in Arizona.


  • Bobby Jindal, senator of Louisiana since 2020, governor of Louisiana from 2006 to 2014
  • Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin since 2011
  • Ben Quayle, representative of Arizona from 2010 to 2012.

In 2039, Bobby Jindal announces he will run for president again after his loss to Paul Ryan during the Republican primaries in 2036. With the fact he has Indian ancestors and a strong conservative faith, Jindal is popular among Asian Americans and conservatives. His main opponents for the Republican nomination are Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, and Ben Quayle, former Representative in Arizona and son of former US Vice-President Dan Quayle. Jindal easily defeats them by winning 45 states, 1762 delegates and 63% of the popular vote against 4 states, 423 delegates and 24% of the popular vote for Walker and 2 states, 101 delegates and 13% of the popular vote for Quayle. By the fact that Julian Castro, his Democratic opponent, is from Texas and is Hispanic, Jindal decides to select George P. Bush as his running mate.


Bobby Jindal: 45 states + DC, 1762 delegates, 63% of the popular vote

Scott Walker: 4 states, 423 delegates, 24% of the popular vote

Ben Quayle: 2 states, 101 delegates, 13% of the popular vote