Republican Party Presidential Primaries, 2036
2032January 7 to June 14 2040

Nominee Paul Ryan Bobby Jindal
Party Republican Republican
Home state Wisconsin Louisiana
States carried 35 16
Popular vote 10 691 508 3,994,939
Percentage 51% 29%

Candidate Scott Walker Rand Paul
Party Republican Republican
Home state Wisconsin Kentucky
States carried 0 0
Popular vote 1,349,036 881,702
Percentage 11% 9%

The 2036 Republican primaries are held between January 7th to June 14th 2036. The GOP elected Paul Ryan, Representative of Wisconsin and former Mitt Romney's running mate in 2012, as the Republican presidential candidate over Sen. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Rand Paul.


  • Paul Ryan, 2012 vice-presidential nominee; U.S. Representative from Wisconsin since 1999
  • Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana from 2006 to 2014, senator of Louisiana since 2020
  • Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin since 2011
  • Rand Paul, senator of Kentucky since 2010

After his loss to Jon Huntsman during the Republican primaries, four years ago, Paul Ryan, Representative of Wisconsin and former vice-presidential nominee in 2012, makes another run for president. His opponents are Bobby Jindal, former governor of Louisiana and senator of the same state, Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, and Rand Paul, senator of Kentucky. Ryan capitalized on his experience in budget, economy and his past as vice-presidential nominee twenty-four years ago. He wins the Republican nomination with 35 states, 1403 delegates and 51% of the popular vote. He chooses Rand Paul as his running mate.


Paul Ryan: 35 states + DC, 1403 delegates, 51% of the popular vote

Bobby Jindal: 16 states, 737 delegates, 29% of the popular vote

Scott Walker: 0 state, 112 delegates, 11% of the popular vote

Rand Paul: 0 state, 34 delegates, 9% of the popular vote

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